Did Mary-Kate Olsen And Olivier Sarkozy Get Engaged In Paris?

09 January 2013 by

They took a trip to Paris, they were spotted jewellery shopping and now they’ve been spotted at the airport with what looks suspiciously like an engagement ring on Mary-Kate Olsens finger. Could it be that she and Olivier Sarkozy – brother of the former French President Nicholas – have gotten engaged?!

Did Mary-Kate Olsen And Olivier Sarkozy Get Engaged In Paris?

The couple were spied leaving the French capital – one of the most romantic places in the world obviously – yesterday and they looked happier than ever. Olivier couldn’t keep is hands of Mary-Kate and was spied constantly kissing her, giggling to himself like well, a big giggling man.

We have to admit when Olivier and tv-star turned fashion designer Mary-Kate started dating we could quite get our heads around it, how did they meet? Was the age gap too big? How did she ever manage to kiss him when she is at least 37ft shorted than him? But their relationship seems to have gone from strength to strength.

The couple are regularly seen out and about together – having met through mutual friends on the New York art scene (yep, we found out the answer to that question) – and share a flat in Manhatten. They are both major basketball fans and are regularly seen indulging in some serious PDAs courtside at NBA matches.

We can only imagine what her dress would be like if they WERE engaged, with her sister Ashley also in the design business (they own The Row label) maybe they could create something together. Given that they once designed one of the most expensive bags in the work $39thousands worth of crocodile skin, natch, the possibilities are endless.  


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Luciann LullaBelle (Wed Jan 09 12:43:33 GMT 2013): there's so many typos in this =/ 37ft taller? who is he the jolly green giant?
Chloe Trundle (Wed Jan 09 12:50:41 GMT 2013): THIS IS SO BADLY WRITTEN. Come on Grazia.
Clare Nash Griffin (Wed Jan 09 17:04:14 GMT 2013): totally agree with comments re appalling writing. Plus, we don't say 'gotten' in this country, we say 'become' or 'got'.
Katrina Forde (Wed Jan 09 17:29:06 GMT 2013): It's a shocker. My children could have written better, with more facts!
Kate Hosier (Wed Jan 09 18:08:14 GMT 2013): "Gotten" What sort of word is "gotten?"
Peter Warren (Wed Jan 09 18:22:19 GMT 2013): U gotta luv it
Sophie Hart (Wed Jan 09 18:35:41 GMT 2013): It's the bane of my life! Its what I does got to listen to when we is learning the kids.
Vanessa Gillespie (Wed Jan 09 18:53:45 GMT 2013): 1st time i saw them in Grazia i was on the train and choked on my M&S sandwich. Last time I saw him in NYC was about 20 yrs ago and he was about 5 stone heavier. Ever the chameleon!
Victoria Maby (Wed Jan 09 19:23:37 GMT 2013): Well spotted (did you see what I did there?)
Rachel Shouler (Wed Jan 09 21:00:34 GMT 2013): Worst article EVER!
Katrina Forde (Thu Jan 10 00:08:39 GMT 2013): I know! It's all too exciting. I then repeated the 'fat suit' story often over the years, only to discover from the Daily Mail he was back to the old Olivier we knew and loved!
Katrina Forde (Thu Jan 10 00:11:15 GMT 2013): Vanessa Gillespie And I have never once seen him in NY! Do you think he takes Mary-Kate to alumni events?
Katrina Forde (Thu Jan 10 00:12:31 GMT 2013): Victoria Maby You could give that Olivia Foster a run foher monay
Louise Vaux (Thu Jan 10 03:31:15 GMT 2013): Which child could have written better?
Hannah Patterson (Sat Jan 19 17:10:48 GMT 2013): My dog could write better. And he's dyslexic.