Harry Styles Wears Burberry Shirt For His Birthday Party – But Is It His Mum's?!

04 February 2013 by

For Harry Styles' 19th birthday, the 1Der made a rather daring fashion choice and wore a navy shirt with white hearts over it by Burberry Prorsum. Was this the influence of Burbs darling Cara Delevingne? Perhaps Hazza was inspired to try out a wacky Burbs shirt after FROWing back in September, where he watched Cara strut past him in metallic.

But it seems Cara isn't the only lady who influences his fashion know how, as it is rumoured that his birthday shirt belongs to... his mum. 1D fans were tweeting pictures of Harry's mum in a shirt that certainly looks veryyy similar. So do you reckon Hazza raided her wardrobe?

It seems Harry has a serious case of the grass is greener, preferring other people's clothes to his own. As a few months back Harry and Nick Grimshaw were also spotted in identical clothes, including a yellow Topman mac and a grey jumper. But the DJ said to Heat Magazine: 'We don't sit and raid each other's wardrobes and play swapsies.'

Now back to the offending heart shirt, do you think it's adorable for a boy to borrow his mama's clothes or just, well, weird? Would you feel about your boyfriend dipping into his mum's closet? Well if anyone could pull it off it would be Mr Styles...

Clothes swapping is hardly new as everyone does it from Kate Middleton to Dakota Fanning. See the 3 stages of wardrobe raiding...

1. Borrow Sister's Clothes

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen wear the same Louis Vuitton scarf

If you have a sister you'll know, their stuff always seems so much cooler than your own. Many a sibling row has started from the 'what's mine is yours' mentality. It's not just us... the stars do it too as Dakota Fanning and Elle Fanning have admitted to sharing clothes, Pippa and Kate have often been spotted in the same outfits and Ashley Olsen once said in an interview: 'There’s hers, there’s mine. And a huge ‘maybe’ pile.'

2. Borrow Boyfriend's Clothes

SNAP! Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson swap clothes

The next stage in clothes swapping, is heading into your boyfriend (or even ex-boyfriend's) closet. Kristen Stewart is the main culprit as she likes to wear her boyf close to her heart. Throughout the K Stew R Patz romance she wore his hats, bags, sweatshirts and tees. Straight after that whole summer affair-with-her-married-director scandal Kristen turned up at the Toronto Film Festival in one of Rob's old tees which spells out 'Irie' - when things were a little bit rocky she seemed to find extra comfort by taking a memento from the back of his wardrobe.

3. Borrow Mum's Clothes

The DoC borrowed Carole's blue Reiss dress

When you're five your mum's wardrobe is the best place to play dress up and there are plenty of celebrity mini mes from Harlowe Richie to Suri Cruise who we reckon LOVE trying on their mum's shoes, lipstick and dresses. But the fun doesn't have to end when you're all grown up, as some stars still raid their parents' wardrobes. Harry isn't the only one to take style tips from his mama, as Kate Middleton borrowed a blue Reiss dress from Carole that she wore to Ascot when she made her first public address at The Treehouse Hospice.

Girls have been raiding their sister's, mum's and boyfriend's wardrobes forevs, but is a boy wearing his mum's clothes just a step too far? You wouldn't catch many young boys borrowing their parent's things, let alone their mum's. Would you be OK with your boyfriend wearing his mum's clothes, or think it was just a bit strange?


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