Meggings Mania! Would YOU Go On A Date With A Leggings Loving Man?

10 December 2012 by

From the bowels of fashion nightmares has come forth one of the most unpalatable he-trends we’ve seen this century. While we’re all fine and dandy with the notion of directional fashion for dapper young chaps, there must be a line in the sand – you don’t see us tipping up to work in a Britney-inspired red cat suit do you?

With Meggings – yes, that’s men’s leggings - this line has been crossed so gratuitously we hardly know where to look. When we first saw Russell Brand wear Sass and Bide’s signature ruched leggings for women, we smirked at his cartoonish attempt to flaunt his slim pins – Russell’s a comedian, he was doing it for the lolz, right?

However, our smiles soon turned to horror when we clocked Justin Bieber debuting his meggings cum hareems all around Tinseltown. While Biebs was perhaps making a self-depreciative statement about his baby-like behaviour with his closely-resembling-a-nappy-meggings, we knew there would be boy-men across the world who would soon be emulating the look.

Now we hear our fears have been confirmed with regular manfolk meggings spottings multiplying on both sides of the Atlantic. What's more there's been several meggings appearances on S/S 2013 MENS catwalks - click through our gallery above to see the elasticated updates.

While we're loath to promote any form of sartorial gender inequality (in fairness we love Grayson Perry in a dress) we're only going to say this once. Meggings are a mistake. You hear that? A mistake. Aside from giving us far TMI in the crotchular area, outdoor meggings make men look like they are wearing their underwear on the street – aka kinda doolally. And while they may indeed be comfy, they are the ultimate woman-repeller. So dudes, if you want to keep your dance card full (or even snag a single snog over the holiday season) we suggest you step away from the mehhhh-ggings pronto!

What do you think about meggings? Would you date a man who wore 'em? Tell us your thoughts below....


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