WATCH David Beckham Butt-Clenching In His Pants For The New H&M Bodywear Ad

06 February 2013 by

Grazia Daily has often dreamt of waking up to David Beckham wearing only his pants and slippers - and today our dream came true. Okay, so he's wearing his pants and slippers for the new H&M commercial but let's not be picky.

David Beckham H&M Bodywear Commercial Guy Ritichie

In the just-released ad for his Bodywear range, David gets his bathrobe caught in a Range Rover leaving him practically naked - SUCH a pity! So, complete with frothy quiff and rippling torso covered in tatts, the oh-so-fit footie player chases after it through a Beverly Hills neighborhood, leaping through gardens, darting over tennis courts and even diving through a swimming pool. Didn't we tell you he's our perfect superman? But the best bit comes at the end, which is, err, butt-clenchingly good.

Guy Ritchie is the man behind the 90-second video and the cheeky chappy director brings his trademark British sense of humour to the proceedings. It really is like a mini-movie with a storyline, an action hero and a dog. Yes, the Beckhams' pet Coco gets a blink-and-you'll miss it cameo. The result is a dramatic contrast to the previous ad offering, which was shown at last year's Super Bowl - you'll remember it saw DB posing on a plinth and smouldering. Now he's running, kicking footballs and clenching to the toe-tapping sounds of 'Don't Stop' by Foster The People. What more could you want?

'David is the perfect leading man,' Ritchie said. 'For me, this felt like more than a campaign–it was like directing a short film.' As for Victoria's beau, he says: 'I hope everyone has as much fun watching the film as I had making it.' Trust us, we have.

 David Beckham H&M Bodywear Commercial Guy Ritichie

The new underwear collection for Spring launches on today with new colours added, from military tones to a red and white combo perfect for Valentine's Day. Watch the drool-worthy video below...


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Helen Lawn (Wed Feb 06 10:44:12 GMT 2013): Something to cheer up your morning :)
Chris Pope (Wed Feb 06 11:10:20 GMT 2013): The word superficial comes to mind .... and wow, that Victoria Beckham must be one understanding lady to let her chap strut around in his trollies for all to see. Better put a request in to see if I can do the same ...