EXCLUSIVE: Chloe Green On Her New Shoe Collection And Her A-List Clients

04 December 2013 by

With her full collection launching this weekend, we caught up with shoe designer (and heiress to the Topshop throne, natch) Chloe Green about her latest designs and her fashion inspiration...

GraziaDaily: Hi Chloe, can you tell us what inspired your new collection?

Chloe Green: I think with every collection I want to do something that I can’t find that I want to wear. I think, more comfortable they’re not so high anymore – I’m more into the lower heel. I’ve worn the shoes a couple of times before they’ve launched and the reaction was, ‘oh my god, where can we get them,’ and I thought well I’m definitely going in the right direction. I felt happy about that. The inspiration just comes from me and like I say every season I want something that I can’t find. I always keep it tight and small so I can really focus on the shoes that I’m doing.

GraziaDaily: It must be pretty amazing getting to design your own shoes and then wear them yourself…

Chloe: Yeah, it is a great feeling. And every collection I put in something nude so that I know I can go out in them. I love to make my legs look longer – everyone needs a nude shoe!

GraziaDaily: Who are your design inspirations?

Chloe: I don’t really look at anyone for inspiration but in terms of shoe designers that I love, Christian Louboutin and Charlotte Olympia – people who have found that trademark. You know when you’re wearing their shoes, that it’s theirs. I think that’s what I have been working towards, not just with the green sole but with the few shoes that I make, I think, are they a big enough statement for people to regonise that they are mine?

(L-R, Black Snow, £100, Phoenix, £150, Northern Lights, £175, Glacier, £165, Milkyway, £!85, Snow Flake £100)

GraziaDaily: What were your first pair of statement shoes?

Chloe: I think the classic nude Louboutin, I used to wear them all the time. People knew that they were his because of the red sole and back then it was all about the height for me and how tall I could be [laughs] I used to be the shortest kid at school. Something that looked flattering and gave me the height – they were always my to-go-to shoe.

GraziaDaily: In terms of fashion, whose style do you admire?

Chloe: I think Nicole Richie gets it right all the time, I think she looks awesome. I think this season on X Factor, Nicole Scherzinger looks great every time that I’ve seen her, I think her gowns have been great and her style in general is quite cool. I think there is something about her, even when she tries to dress down, she still doesn’t manage to dress down.

GraziaDaily: Who are your most famous clients?

Chloe: Demi Lovato wore my shoes last season and I recently text her about this season and she’s very excited. She genuinely loves the shoes. My friend Emma Roberts... Luckily I have had some really supportive people, celebrities who are my friends and they might not even know that they’re my shoes. Demi didn’t at the beginning and then she found out, so she fell in the love with the shoes before she knew that they were mine which was really cool.

The full collection launches on Saturday online at CJG.com, Topshop.com and Selfridges.com.Check out the video below for a behind the scenes look at the promo shoot.


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