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UPDATE: Cheryl Cole Hits Back At Criticism Of THAT Rose Tattoo

Cheryl shows off her incredible rose tattoo (@nikkohurtado)

UPDATE: It's only been 24 hours since we got a look at the full extent of Cheryl Cole's rose tattoo but unsurprisingly, reaction has been coming thick and fast - and is, how should we put it, quite fierce. Still, Cheryl's determined to ignore the haters - and has hit back at criticism that the bum tattoo goes too far. 'People are entitled to their own opinion. Personally I’ve never really concerned myself with other people’s body parts!' she's said, defiantly. But her tweets suggest the singers has been stung by some of the criticism. 'The easiest thing to be in the world is you, the most difficult thing to be is what other people want you to be', she put on her account, a famous quote by American motivational speaker Leo Buscaglia, before RT-ing people in favour of her ink. Well, here at Grazia Daily we have no judgement. Just a lot of respect for anyone who can put themselves through the amount of needle-pain it must have taken to get THAT done....

When Chezza revealed signs of a rose tattoo on her lower back in March this year, we had absolutely no idea the real extent of the floral inking. Well, girls, you might want to sit down and prepare yourself for what’s coming next, as la Cole has just unveiled a photo showing the true extent of the tattoo, which covers her entire lower back and derriere. Whilst we cannot help but notice Cheryl’s rather pert bottom, we have to admit that we just cannot stop staring at the size of that tattoo. Wowzers!

Cheryl and her tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado (@nikkohurtado)

Chezza’s tattoo artist, Nikko Hurtado published the photo on Instagram earlier today, admitting he was in the process of ‘covering and re-working’ the tattoo, and whilst the photo doesn’t show Cheryl’s face, the unique piece of body art makes it pretty obvious that the bod on show is indeed that of our Chezza. Nikko added, “Really excited to show healed shots. It was some intense tattooing session. She’s tough as nails.”

Cheryl first unveiled the tattoo on tour with Girls Aloud back in February (Getty)

When Cheryl first unveiled her new inking back in February, she said “It was really painful but I think I’m done with tattoos now. It wasn’t for any particular reason. I just liked the design. It took 15 hours in total.” Nonetheless, the floral inking isn’t la Cole’s only body art- she has a tribal pattern on her little finger, barbed wire around her thigh and at one point even had a Mrs C. inking on the back of her neck in tribute to ex-husband Ashley Cole.

Cheryl's other tattoos (Getty)

The question is- what do you think of Chezza's tattoo? Is it a work of art or a step too far? Check out our pick of the best celebrity tattoos in the gallery below...


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Fashion with Style (Sun Aug 25 11:43:09 BST 2013): It's so so big!
Blanca Eusty (Sun Aug 25 15:05:12 BST 2013): It's big like every tattoo Nikko does, but he's the best at his job. People who appreciate tattoos love it, and I mean REAL tattoos, not little sentences or words on your skin.
Jane Guthrie-tate (Tue Aug 27 16:59:14 BST 2013): ha ha ha ha clown paint on the bum. oh dear gawd no. at 70 she'll well regret it. at 40 she will now she should but hasn't the sense to but it's her body. so her right. I wouldn't look at it. dreadful a builder's bum smelling of rosses doesn't do it for me or any man woman or any other variation. GRO TES QUE. silly. it'll hurt even more getting it off. what a stupid stupid thing to do esp. if sober. defies belief and certainly defies all taste. but....it'e her bum. she can wreck it in a car crash if she wants to.
Jane Guthrie-tate (Tue Aug 27 17:08:25 BST 2013): the tattoo....or her bum.......gross for both for different reasons!!!!!!!! ghastly is too kind
Kyle-James Parsons (Wed Aug 28 22:08:33 BST 2013): I don't see a bum anymore. Just a huge rose. When I don't want to see a huge rose. I want to see a bum :/ bloody hell Cheryl!
Kara น้ำผึ้ง Barnes (Fri Aug 30 03:05:22 BST 2013): Surely at 70 with or without a tattoo on your bum its going to look hideous anyway? People say this a lot; 'you'll regret it when you're old', why? when i'm 'old' I will be showing a lot less skin than I do now, as for Cheryl i'm almost certain she isn't going to be revealing it to anyone or even be concerned with it when she's old. Personally though I'm obviously biased however I genuinely think if you have a nice tattoo; it looks good what ever age you are and if it has been looked after, my father, my uncles and aunts (aged 50 to 85), look fine with their tattoos and I actually really admire them and I think they look fantastic, at their age they are past concerning themselves what others think of their appearance.
Estevan Rodriguez (Mon Sep 02 00:26:51 BST 2013): first of all, Nikko is one of the wolrds masters when it comes to tattooing, Surprisingly for our community he went out his element of photo realism for this style and it still turned out great from your picture yourself you look like chubby lady whos let herself go and probably doesn't have tattoos, My father has many from years ago that still look great and he is 70, in shape and very well employed. Now please if your have to make yourself and dislikes heard do them in your own head where the only ones who seem to care reside.
Sy Sobrepena (Sun Sep 29 04:21:34 BST 2013): nonsense tats extension. on her butt ?! is she thinking?
Legian (Sun Sep 29 08:56:35 BST 2013): Men's: forget the doggy.
Katalin Abdi (Sun Sep 29 22:30:51 BST 2013): Love it :)
Kieran Hogan (Mon Nov 04 22:39:40 GMT 2013): For all those people saying that it will look hideous when she's 70, who on earth is going to be looking at her arse when she's 70! Jesus! And why does it concern you that she's expressing her personality?
Jodie Hathway (Sun Dec 22 12:26:08 GMT 2013): cheryl WHY it looks nice on ur back but bit ott on ur but,which WAS perfect