WATCH Cara Delevingne Cook With BFF Jourdan Dunn While Wearing A Purple Onesie

17 April 2013 by

Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn are our favourite fashion BFFs - they have posed together on pebble beaches for Burberry, have partied with Rihanna at London Fashion Week and did the Harlem Shake backstage at Topshop. Now they have joined forces once again to cook some sweet and sour prawn tempura. Yes, Cara has been a very good friend and made a special appearance as a sous chef on Episode 1 of the second season of Jourdan's cooking show 'Well Dunn With Jourdan.'

The cooking chums are the model version of the Two Fat Ladies (remember that show?), joking around in the kitchen preparing the prawns, singing and gossiping about their past shoots. As you might expect, Cara also pulls a different wacky face every few seconds.

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Forget a pinny or chef's hat, Cara wore a white 'Ballin' beanie with her favourite dinosaur onesie from Topshop to cook with Jourds. She's like hip hop Barney, no? Not the usual attire to appear on a cookery show, admittedly, but this is no ordinary cooking show - this is a cooking show that airs on Jay Z's YouTube channel, Life + Times. What else would you expect?

One thing's for sure, Jourdan knows how to whip up Jerk chicken and hot wings in her sleep, but Cara admits that she is not so comfortable in the kitchen. When Jourdan asks if Cara D can cook she replies 'Erm... I cook toast and baked beans.' Jourdan then jokes 'You say you’re wifey, but you’re not really wifey.' But Cara says she is a 'modern day wifey' and modern day wifeys don't need to cook, she'll just take her kids to McDonalds.

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So when did this fashion friendship begin? Well Jourdan tells the tale of how the duo met saying 'We met on a rocky beach in Brighton. I remember I was just walking and heard someone rapping and was like wait, pause. What’s going on here? I saw this little white girl rapping. I honestly didn’t think I was going to relate to anyone on the shoot because I was like ‘who are all these people.’

The besties then share a romantic moment while preparing the shrimp as Cara says 'I was sat on my own rapping. And I found this one, guardian angel over here.' N'aww.

See Cara and Jourdan's finest BFF moments in the gallery below >>


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