Bip Ling Turns Popstar! Here's The Inside Scoop On Her Debut Music Video, Yar

12 March 2014 by

Bip Ling must surely be the poster girl for the slash generation - she's got more off-shoots than a bansai and more energy than a kennel-full of puppies to carry out her many day (and night) jobs. DJ, model, fashion darling, designer, art buff... the list goes on but a new title can be added to her bursting repertoire: popstrel. With years of experience in the music biz, Bip thought it about time to get her own tunes on the air and so a song was born. Naturally, for the girl whose blog could cause the sanest surfer to trip out with it's hilar content and gif-tastic visuals, this is no ordinary production. With designer clothes a-plenty, a wink or four of ironic and knowing references and her signature cartoon-y graphics, Miss Ling's latest venture is a fun-fest. We caught up with the firecracker to learn more about 'Bipping' and you can watch the video below!

GraziaDaily: Firstly, what prompted you to record a music video?

Bip Ling: I’ve been DJing for over seven years and I’ve always loved music. I get obsessive about finding new tracks and sounds, and spend a lot of time researching what’s new for my DJ sets, and also music for my blog. I can’t write the blog if I don’t have some sounds on in the background, the two always go together, the music fuels my blog. I thought it would be fun to try and capture some of the noise going on in my head and put together an ironic take on what I was thinking and how I saw things, all to a good beat. 

GraziaDaily: When did you first write it?

Bip Ling: I started thinking about writing it over a year ago, and then it took me a while to build up the lyrics and get them to a point where they felt right..   The chorus "She's cool, She's hip, she's Bip the Punky Chip with the Saucy Dip" was inspired by a funny rap that I made up when I was a kid, I was excited to find out that my name Bip rhymed with so many different words and I used to play with it for fun. I wrote the rest of the song at the beginning of last year when I was in a transitionary mood yar.

GraziaDaily: How did you make it happen?

Bip Ling: My ideas all came together with support from a lot of cool people.  A lot of my favourite designers provided clothes, we had Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Ralph Lauren, Christian Louboutin, and David Morris  Fine Jewellery.  Spirit Media helped realise my ideas, and my agents at Storm were brilliant at putting it all together.  My friend Naomi Regan  did the hair, Jade Bird and Tashi Ungar did makeup and Theo White was great at organising a lot.  It was Bipping crazy but fun !

GraziaDaily: How and when did you first come up with the idea?

Bip Ling: I was approached by two British producers who wanted to record my Brit accent for something they were working on.  And this made me think about putting my voice to some of the ideas and lyrics I had floating around in my head.  I started writing and came up with "I take the photo, the photo into the camera which goes through the wire. The wire into the computer, the computer uploads, uploads, uploads, GEEZ I have taken LOADS!” I got hooked on the idea of making my BIPPING track, and then worked with a few producers to get the right sound.

GraziaDaily: In general, when do you best ideas come to you? Is there anything in particular that inspires you?

Bip Ling: I find inspiration in all sorts of things, from the sky to the way I’m feeling, ideas come to me at the weirdest times. Sometimes I'll wake up in the middle of the night and I have to blog, or write some random notes down. I take inspiration from everything around me,  people, interesting style, art – whether it’s paintings, sculptures, photography,  architecture, a conversation...

GraziaDaily: How would you define A.) bipping and B.) mooching?

Bip Ling: Bipping is a word play on my name Bip Ling, and for me it describes the way I work and how I process and create my blog - it’s that moment when all my ideas come together.  I came up with 'mooching' five years ago when I was 19 and it describes the attitude I was feeling.  Mooching is the way of life and attitude - doing what ya want when ya want, it’s the way to be seen and the way to see.

GraziaDaily: And so… what is your favourite saucy dip?

BBQ sauce yarrr!!!!


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