Behind the Scenes: Grazia’s Trip to Moscow With Ulyana Sergeenko

06 June 2013 by

As avid style spotters, the Graziadaily team is obviously obsessed with Ulyana Sergeenko’s iconic street style. Voted this 2012’s Look of the Year by, and generally acknowledged as the most cinematic of all of fashion week’s street style stars, Ulyana’s unique blend of traditional Soviet and dolce vita Italian style has made her one of the most photographed women in fashion.

Ulyana Sergeenko

So when she invited us to have a look behind the scenes into her Moscow life, we immediately jumped at the chance. And while you’ll have to wait to read the interview in a forthcoming issue of Grazia, we can now give you a sneak peek behind the scenes of our trip.

Ulyana Sergeenko in Moscow's Red Square, An oversized child's toy in Ulyana's atelier

Staying within spitting distance of Moscow’s Red Square we explored the Kremlin with Ulyana, travelled to the ancient city of Kolumna (where ‘Ivan the Terrible’ and ‘Peter the Great’ had holiday homes, natch) and scoured every corner of her couture atelier to see her Russian petits-mains in action.

Left: Inside the Kremlin; Right: Ulyana's Rocking Horse Logo

So what did we learn from our jaunt to the Russian capital? Firstly that Moscow isn’t just about flashy restaurants and clubs for the super-rich. Instead Ulyana's Moscow is about a deep traditional culture based on folklore and fairy-tales. From the unusual Georgian and Russian food – see pictures of traditional meat dumplings and borscht in the gallery below – to the patchwork of architecture (the result of a city with few evident planning laws), Moscow is teeming with history.

Left: A hand painted bag snapped in Ulyana's atelier; Right: Ulyana as a cute Soviet schoolgirl

And it is this heritage that Ulyana has mined for her fantasy couture collections and dramtic street style looks - from her Babuska inspirations to her Soviet schoolgirl dresses, Ulyana's take on Moscow is as original as the lady herself. Click through the gallery below to see more of Ms Sergeenko's Russia!


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