As Sarah Jessica Parker Steps Out In Socks And Sandals You Give Us YOUR Fashion Verdict

28 February 2013 by

Ordinarily wherever Sarah Jessica Parker goes, we follow - she is Carrie Bradshaw after all. But when the Sex & The City star stepped out in New York City this week to drop her kids off at school it wasn't a pair of Manolos, which caught our attention. SJP wore boyfriend jeans and a comfy cardigan with a combination traditionally considered a major fashion faux pas on anyone other than a 9-year-old girl - socks and sandals. While we've become accustomed to seeing the actress wrapped up in puffer jackets, snow boots and bobble hats as she braves the bitter Big Apple weather, surely teaming her Swedish Hasbeens with a pair of spotty socks is a step too far?

Well over on our Facebook page opinion was split 50/50. Fashion Landscape said, 'There are a few things that I hate more than socks with sandals, but I hate it enough', Stefanie Cazaux agreed, 'Socks and sandals are so a fashion no no!' and Samantha Shelton called it a 'horrible look', but added that Parker's 'sandals are cute'.

In the pro corner Julie Ann Symons was firmly in favour of the trend commenting, 'I for one salute her! If the sock and shoe combo is right it can look so cute and she does' while Jen Ben Higgins stuck up for SJP's sartorial choices saying, 'Maybe she's cold considering the rest of her outfit. She always looks good to me - fashionable or not'.

Katie Grace questioned our judgment of the mum-of-three's sartorial choices reminding us, 'She's with her kids. I'd be surprised if you all look perfect all the time, what she likes is her opinion as is yours. She might hate what you wear!' Fair point indeed, but it still doesn't stop this being one of the most divisive fashion trends.

Other stars who've experimented with socks and sandals include Alexa Chung, Chloë Sevigny and Florence Welch - all lorded as fashion heavyweights - so while SJP may have made the snap style decision as she headed out the front door with her children, it's clear the look can work if you put a little more thought into it.

Watch our guide to wearing heels hand socks here and let us know whether you would try the trend in the comments box below.


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