As Rihanna Brings The 777 Tour To Berlin, Her Tardiness Sparks Mutiny Aboard The Airship

19 November 2012

Day five of the 777 Tour and Rihanna's choice of stage gear in Berlin consists of thigh thigh boots and a Jamaican style vest emblazoned with a giant marijuana leaf. The ensemble is possibly her way of explaining to the crowd of fans the reason behind her two and a half hour late appearance.

We have to admit she did look great, though. Her hair was braided in a twisted plait and she was wearing full-on glamorous make-up, but even she had to endure more than a few boos from the audience who - five days in - are getting a little tired of her tardiness. But Unapologetic is the title of her new album and it is clear Rihanna does what Rihanna wants - regardless of the consequences.

So far on this tour she hasn't put a style step wrong but the flight from Berlin to London proved a stormy one for the superstar when mutiny on the 777 jet broke out with fans and journalists venting their frustration with the singer by storming the airship. 'Everyone is here because they love her and they are fascinated by her but we are all totally exhausted because we are waiting for her on planes, on buses and at gigs and after the first day on the plane we never saw her again until we got to the gigs,' explained one passenger.

Another - Aussie radio presenter Tim Dormer - made his own statement by stripping off and racing round the plane naked. 'We watch her every night but now we want to get her to give us some attention,' he said. 'No one is sleeping because we are always up waiting for her to be ready and she never is. She needs to take a bit of notice.'

Maybe the best look for the London gig is a suit of armour and a very large watch.


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