VIDEO: Anja Rubik Joins The Long List of Models Turned Singers

26 March 2014 by

Models Turned Singers: Anja Rubik In

Anja Rubik turns singer [youtube]

Anja Rubik is the most recent addition to the long list of supermodels who have decided parlay their talents into singing. Starring and warbling in the music video for polish track Chleb - a collaboration with Mister. D - the stage name of acclaimed Polish literary talent Dorota Mas?owska. Anja is dressed as a chav queen complete with cheap gold, tiara and a white faux fur gilet. Full marks for awesome randomness Anja.

Confused? Our friends over at Fashionista spoke to Anja to try and make sense of the video. She explains: '

'The girl who is singing is actually a very famous Polish writer, she writes a lot of theater and novels that are incredible, and I’ve been a fan of hers since her first book was published, which was a huge hit in Poland. Now, all of her writing is very controversial, and it’s kind of addressed to people who know the situation in Poland — the social situation, what’s happening in Poland when it comes to interactions between people, how we approach different things. Her literature is written in a very simple language, in a street language, but it addresses kind of serious problems in the society in Poland.

We decided to so something very crazy, something that would attract attention, basically a parody of everything that’s happening in Poland — and actually, all around the world as well, so that’s how it started.'

Anja Rubik x Mister. D, Chleb (2014)

Indeed it almost seems that coltish limbs and perfectly symmetrical faces go hand in hand with musical talent. The model/music sensation phenomenon has a long history, potentially beginning with the fiercest super of them all, Naomi Campbell who released her debut album Baby Woman back in 1995.

Since we’ve seen countless models prove their vocal chops. Whether its Miranda Kerr dueting on Jersey Boys star Bobby Fox's album or Cara Delevingne who recorded her debut duo with Will Heard last year, models cant get enough of the music video limelight.

Naomi Campbell 'Love and Tears' from 1995's Baby Woman

Of course not all efforts (or in fact any notable efforts) have translated into bonafide music careers, with the chasm between catwalk stalker and songstress still apparently impassable. However, whether it's Kate Moss crooning alongside ex Pete Doherty or Heidi Klum belting it out with her ex-hubby Seal on the Victoria Secret runway (yes, really) we find that its impossible not to stare at our favourite beauties rocking out.

Will Heard & Cara Delevingne - 'Sonnentanz' (Sun Don't Shine)


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