Rapper Angel Haze Talks Walking For DKNY And FROWing At London Fashion Week

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You know how it is.. you're just relaxing on a Sunday evening when you get a email from Donna Karan's people asking: 'Will you walk in the DKNY show tomorrow?' 

New fashion fave Angel Haze received exactly that email last weekend. The MC - who performed at the Donatella Versace Versus J.W. Anderson launch last summer - stepped out at DKNY less than 48 hours after being invited to model for the brand. She's now over on our side of the Atlantic, on the front row for the likes Richard Nicoll and of course J.W. at London Fashion Week. Plus, she fully intends to jet over to Paris to check out Rick Owens' collection despite - yannow - having a UK tour to do. 

We caught up with Angel to chat about her modelling debut, Anna Wintour and her first London Fashion Week.

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Grazia Daily: How was walking for DKNY? 

Angel Haze: DKNY was scary as f***. I felt for the models, I don't know how they do it. There are like a zillion people looking at you as you walk down the runway and it's incredibly hard not to fall, but it was so much fun you know to just have that experience and tackle it and to meet Donna and just do the whole thing. I want the coat I wore so bad! I would dress like that every single day of my life if I could!

Grazia Daily: How did Donna approach you?

Angel Haze: I got an email from my management and they were like 'Donna wants you to walk in the show on Monday' and I'm like 'What?'. It was literally the day before the show and I went to the fitting that night and I practised walking to 'Super Soaker' by Kings Of Leon and I was like 'Okay, I'll do it'. 

Grazia Daily: What was it like backstage?

Angel Haze: It was fricking insane backstage, everyone just rushing to get dressed. Yeah, I mean s*** I didn't know if I was going to do it at first and I'm really glad I did take the time to. Donna did the touch-up on my outfit - rolling my jacket.

Grazia Daily: Why were you unsure?

Angel Haze: Because I didn't want to fall! I have balance issues! My equilibrium's a bit off so I can't really walk in a straight line and it was a bit like 'ARGH F***'.

Grazia Daily: Is there a model you were channelling when you walked down the runway?

Angel Haze: Tyra Banks, of course. I haven't seen the footage so I don't know if I was good at it though.

Grazia Daily: Will you be doing any more modelling?

Angel Haze: Er.. no. I'm going to leave that to the models. Haha.

Grazia Daily: How about designing?

Angel Haze: I spent a bit of time talking to Michael and Nicole from Helmut Lang and they were basically telling me how intense production is for them. They have to do all this stuff that I'm way too lazy to do. So I feel like I'll just stick to wearing it.

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Grazia Daily: Which shows have you enjoyed at London Fashion Week this year?

Angel Haze: Richard Nicholl is one of my favourite designers of the past few years, he always has this real cool sort of futuristic vibe. I particularly like J.W. Anderson's aesthetic. It's all really shapey and boxy and this collection was very medieval. The show music gave me the perception of a 15th Century King's court or a dinner at the the King's palace. Really really old school. 

Grazia Daily: How do you pick what to wear?

Angel Haze: I like wearing suits but I basically put on some things until I don't hate myself for wearing them. I wore J.W.'s huge leather shirt that's sleeveless for that show.

[Angel Haze Instagram]

Grazia Daily: Who've you been sitting next to on the front row?

Angel Haze: I sat next to Daisy Lowe and Alexa Chung at J.W. Anderson. It was fun. We all just sat there dumbfounded for the whole of it basically. It's definitely a different front row etiquette to America. It's more musicians than models and actresses in New York. 

Grazia Daily: What would you do if you were sat next to Anna Wintour at a show?

Angel Haze: Oh f**! I would probably die if I sat next to Anna Wintour. My dream person to sit next to would be the one person you see at every single show scribbling on their pad just because I wanna know what the hell they're writing every single time.


Grazia Daily: Is London Fashion Week different to New York?

Angel Haze: The aesthetic and culture's different to America. There's definitely a lot more celebrities, different show music, different settings here. The J.W. show was very different to what I'd gone to in New York. I've never even heard show music like that before! In America everything's really OTT production wise. It was a lot more subtle. 

Grazia Daily: Are you going to Paris or Milan?

Angel Haze: Yeah, I want to go to the Rick Owens' show but I'm touring with Bastille in the UK in the next month so I'm really nervous about how it's going to work out.

Angel's album 'Dirty Gold' is out now.


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