Adam Selman On Gifting Rihanna His Entire Debut Collection & Showing At NYFW: EXCLUSIVE

11 February 2014 by

When Rihanna’s costume designer, Adam Selman decided to branch out on his own with a debut ready-to-wear line, the fashion world took a deep – and excited – intake of breath...

Adam and his girls: Spring/Summer 2014

He’s credited with creating some of the megastar’s finest fashion moments both on and off stage and as far as influential power teams go, these two have it nailed. Needless to say, his schedule was already packed out. But when a short period of calm occured, Adam took a window ofjust two months to turn this new venture into a fully-fledged presentation during last September’s New York Fashion Week. The result? There was no shortage of hype and critics fell for the disco charms of Adam’s late-‘70s Cosmo-cover girl-inspired slinky satin dresses, sexy swimwear and star-emblazoned denim. Last week's grand unveiling of the second season in NYC's TriBeCa was met with even more enthusiasm. Monsieur Selman has now been signed to a major PR agency and his new collection has garnered much talk: there's cow print, there's a hiking inspiration, there's jewel colours... all of which can be charted back to a recent news story were a French hiker stumbled across $300,000 worth of bling that was apparently lost when a plane crashed during a flight from Bombay to New York. But back to the here and now. Adam's debut sportif range is now available in the UK and so we caught up with the designer pre-show madness for a chinwag...


Rihanna with her team of Adam Selman and Mel Ottenberg before the Victoria's Secret show. Wearing Selman with vintage Chanel. [Instagram]

‘The New York Times did an article on me [being Rihanna’s costume designer] where I said I would love to do my own label. Once I saw it in print I was like, “oh, I should really do it!”’ Adam exclusively tells Grazia, ‘It became an actual thing. For me it was also important to not feel like I’m riding on Rihanna’s coat tails, you know, I wanted to say something of my own and make sure I have my own voice.’ While the influential Miss Fenty hasn’t been directly involved in the process, there’s no denying the keen support she holds for her pal (she in fact chose a white bodysuit from Adam to style with a vintage Chanel skirt suit for an appearance last month on Good Morning America) - so much so that Adam explains she’s earned her very own set of the new collection. Now RiRi may be lucky enough to stock her wardrobe with Selman’s wares - and visit his studio whenever she should fancy it - but the significant factor about this inaugurate range is that the reasonable price point means mere mortals can acquire a slice of this popular pie, too. ‘I wanted to make it affordable but still be super modern and fashion forward. My girl is getting a lot of design for her money,’ says Adam.

Adam Selman Autumn/Winter 2014 []

So, like us, Adam's been finding it hard to pick a personal favourite from his first ready-to-wear offering. 'It changes a lot. But I really love the star jeans and the jean jacket with the big sleeves as well. I'm a huge swimwear fan. I love the swimsuit with the robe on top - it  really captured the whole Cosmo vibe but in a 2014 way.' London girls may not be ready to strut around mid-Feb in a slinky dressing gown, one-piece and stilettos, but Selman sure is eager to see his wares hitting the wardrobes of Britain. Why? We're awesome, that's why. 'What I love about London girls is that they’re so street-style heavy, they have a huge mix of high fashion and vintage and they mix the two way together in a really cool way that American girls don’t,' he explains. 'I would hope that it’s not an entire look.' Something that we apparently share in common with RiRi: 'I think the good thing about her is that she’s always evolving her style. One minute she’s wearing Tom Ford the next minute she’s wearing something totally unknown and then Topshop. She’s a fashion icon but also accessible.' As for this designer's own trail, he's blazing ahead, looking for a new way to shake up NYFW and navigate the wild world of financing one's own business. We don't think he's got too much to worry about. Let the stampede commence.

An edit of Selman's debut range will be available at Browns:


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