Cute Or Creepy: Would You Do Matchy BFF Style Like Victoria Beckham & Tana Ramsey?

30 May 2013 by

We’ve all had a style crush on our best dressed friend. Whether she’s lending you frocks for a wedding or giving you tips about a cool new place to shop, your style BFF is always there to help you on your fashion way. So when we saw two star duos – Victoria Beckham and Tana Ramsey and Hailee Steinfeld and Taylor Swift matching their looks this week we knew exactly what was going on.

Left: Hailee & Taylor Work Summer Preppy, Right: Tana & Victoria Are Flared Denim Twins

VB and Tana both favour dark wash boot cut jeans and black vests and black evening dresses. While not exactly revolutionary, the style is distinctive, especially when seen in double vision. Also pictured in matchy-matchy get-ups this week were young stars Hailee and Taylor who were both working a preppy vibe. Both wearing white shirts layered with a simple crew neck sweater, dark glasses, flats and shorts, they nailed chic summer dressing.

Victoria & Tana in more Double Denim & LBDs

While it can be fun to be inspired by a friend, sometimes that crush can go a little too far and you can find yourself slowly morphing into said friend. While it can be nice to feel a sense of style pack mentality, straightforward copycat styling is more questionable – leading to a serious case of what Joan Rivers would describe as, ‘Bitch stole my style!’ While imitation may be the highest form of flattery, a unique, personal look is always preferable and will avoid any uncomfortable moments when your stylish mate finally gets fed up of you pinching her style signatures. So do you think that Tana 'n' Victoria & Taylor 'n' Hailee look cute in their twinny looks, or is it a bit creepy for our tastes? Let us know below or on Facbook!


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