#PlayTime: Foxes Talks Cowboy Hats, Vivienne Westwood And Her Mum's Vintage Store

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In a bit of a work slump right now? Welcome to #PlayTime, Grazia Daily's new music feature, Normally we bring you a different hot track every day of the week, but today we've got an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes on Foxes new video!

Eek! Who wants an sneak peek behind the scenes on Foxes' new video for 'Holding On For Heaven'? The 24-year-old is one of the most talked about young singers on the block right now.

Bagging a Grammy in February, she's charmed us with mega pop hits 'Let Go For Tonight' and 'Youth'. Plus, she's been dominating the fashion weeks and red carpets in a wardrobe of fun flirty and very fashion-forward looks.

The singer's new uber-fun promo doesn't come out until next week but we've got an exclusive taste of what's instore for us in the video below. Plus we caught up with Foxes to talk vintage style, cowboy hats and the advice she was given by Katy Perry.

Grazia Daily: How would you describe your style

Foxes: I really love vintage pieces. I'm always in charity shops. I get a lot of inspiration from film. I'll watch something like Romy And Michelle's High School Reunion and I'll copy the shoes they're wearing. I think it's better to do that rather than a person because you're taking different pieces rather than focusing on one thing.

Grazia Daily: Who's your style icon?

Foxes: Chloe Sevigny, Matilda from Leon and my mum. She actually owns a vintage store. She gave me a flare for finding different pieces. I used to steal all her clothes growing up and she had the biggest wardrobe. She used to have amazing vintage Chanel bags which I fell in love with at an early age.

Grazia Daily: Is there anything you'd never wear?

Foxes: I'd never wear a cowboy hat! I just think they should never come back EVER.

[Vivienne Westwood dressed Foxes for the Grammys - Getty]

Grazia Daily: What was winning a Grammy like? How did you pick what to wear?

Foxes: It was the most unexpected way to start the year! I don't have it yet. It's in the post still! That makes me laugh!

Vivienne Westwood offered to dress me. So I just let her do her thing. I'd always been a really massive fan and I was quite starstruck. For me - going to the Grammys and being dressed by Vivienne are the same level of amazingness.

Grazia Daily: How do you pick what to wear for big events normally?

Foxes: I think it's really important to find something that suits your figure. I find a good shape - like a Marilyn Monroe - always suits me. I like wearing vintage because you know no one else will be wearing it

[Foxes at Topshop Unique and Jonathon Saunders LFW shows - Getty]

Grazia Daily: Did you have fun at London Fashion Week?

Foxes: I did! It was really nice because lots of girls who were there have the same stylist as me like Eliza Doolittle. Paloma Faith's always good fun. I met her last fashion week.

Grazia Daily: Have you met any of your heroes?

Foxes: I met Katy Perry recently. I've wanted to meet her for a while. She was really sweet and gave me some advice. I guess it can be difficult in this industry to believe in yourself and not listen to what other people say, and I think she's an amazing inspiration when it comes to that.

[Foxes meets hero Katy Perry - Instagram]

Grazia Daily: What's the secret to your shiny, shiny hair?

Foxes: I'm terrible because I actually don't do anything! I really like beach hair. Schwarzkopf do really nice beach matte products and an amazing thickening spray.

Grazia Daily: You've got a very statement hair look, would you ever change it up?

Foxes: I was actually at the hairdressers last night and my hairdresser was like 'I really want to change your hair up!' We were planning what we're going to do. I quite like to take it by season. In the summer I prefer lighter ends and in autumn I'm thinking of going a bit shorter and a bit darker.

[Foxes flaunts her shiny, shiny hair]

Grazia Daily: And most importantly - two of your songs featured in Gossip Girl! Was that really exciting?

Foxes: I couldn't believe it. I'm a big fan so was running round the house freaking out. I remember being like 'Chuck and Blair kissed to my song! What the f***?!'

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