7 Reasons Why Jeremy Scott Is The Perfect Fit For Moschino

29 October 2013 by

As a self-confessed farm-boy from Kansas, Jeremy Scott is about to be a long, long way from home once he takes up the prestigious position of Creative Director at Moschino. Receiving the reigns from Rossella Jardini, who has been driving the Italian fashion house since Franco Moschino’s untimely death in 1994, the irreverent Los Angeles-based king of pop culture will be heading to Milano to start work his debut collection for Autumn/Winter 2014...

@itsjeremyscott posted this Spongbob shot on Instagram today [Instagram]

In terms of distance, Mr Scott will be notching up more air miles than Richard Branson, but in terms of the proximity this project holds to his natural flair and heart, it’s damn close. In fact, Jeremy himself, who has found even more recent fame with outlandish collections for adidas Originals and entertained fashion editors with everything from a game-show staged as a runway through to Flinstones-themed clothing, said to Style.com: ‘I don’t think I could’ve found a more rebellious brand than Moschino if I tried. It’s so irreverent, things Franco did and things the brand’s continued to do in his name. It’s perfect.’

Both brands are matched in terms of fun and global reach, there’s no doubt about that. But what are the other parallels that run between this 30-year-old Italian stalwart and the American youth tapping whizz?  We investigate…

1. Jeremy already knows the ropes. Well, kind of. As a former intern for the label’s New York press office, JS can already claim to be aware of a thing or two.

Jeremy Scott often dresses the Korean pop group 2NE1

2. They’ve both excelled at on-stage costuming. Pop’s brightest stars are fans of both Scott and Moschino. Moschino created the looks for Kylie Minogue's 2005 Showgirl tour and Madonna's 2008 Sticky & Sweet Tour. While Jeremy has crafted performance looks for an even wider audience: from M.I.A and Rita Ora through to, one of his favoutires, Korean girl group 2NE1 (above).

Jeremy Scott will continue to design for adidas Originals, too [Adidas.com]

3. Jeremy and Moschino have tendencies towards sportswear. Moschino’s catwalk offerings may have cuteness and feminitiy inherently interwoven, but they aren’t strangers to sportswear, desiging the outfits for the Winter Olympics opening ceremony in Turin, 2006. Jeremy’s urban kit is perhaps less about functionality and more about status streetwear: his fly sneaks and in-yer-face trackies have garnered an international and high profile fan-base.

Moschino loves a theme: Scotland, Matadors and Go-Go Girls. So does Jeremy: here's Pixie Geldof doing her best Bam Bam [Catwalking, Style.com]

4. No collection is devoid of humour: ‘For me, one of the key elements of Moschino is humor. It’s one of the few houses that has humor, and it’s the same thing for me,’ says Jeremy. Moschino has never been afraid to pick a theme and run with it but certain playful motifs are important, too. The question mark dress for example. Or sending matadors down the runway. Jeremy too is more than capable of turning a divisive idea into viable wardrobe options, and is more than prepped to produce the kind of prints that require a second look.

Jeremy's recent thoughts vs. Moschino's scrawl and question marks [Style.com, Catwalking]

5. They'll both do anything to get the message across: From graffiti through to branding stamps and actual messages, both Scott and Moschino are well known for their use of words, text and font. You can’t imagine the birth of conspicuous monogramming without the repeated capitals of MOSCHINO emblazoned across jeans, belts and everything in between. Jeremy’s wit extends to snappy sayings and sentences that sum up the feeling of the moment. Most recently: ‘Adults suck and then you are one'.

Moschino's phone cases and logo'd accessories are popular on the street. As are Jeremy's totes, tees, scarves and adidas sneaks

6. Entry-price products are important: Things like Jeremy’s t-shirts and adidas collection propelled him into the shopping baskets of an even wider – and even younger – clientele, but Moschino are no stranger to well-priced entry-point goods, either. Take their very popular rubber animal phone cases as the best current example. Too cute.

Jezza hanging with a couple of her main wome: Rita Ora and Lily McMenamy [@itsjeremyscott Instagram]

7. A younger crowd could follow Jeremy for the ride: Moschino already have a strong following but with Jeremy’s street savvy attitude and a following of young’uns like Pixie Geldof, Rita Ora, Rihanna or Ciara, a new style set could be available. His instagram is littered with celebrity related moments, and some pretty strong selfie skills, too. No wonder he has such a huge social media presence.


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