6 Things To Get You Through The Tube Strike: From Haute Headphones To A Good Book

28 April 2014 by

ARGH! It's a gallery to help you through the #tubestrike pain. Scroll now >>

Invest In Decent Kicks

No one wants to be caught short on a rammo bus standing up in five inch stilettos. Also, you may decide that walking to work is your only option, therefore banged-out old plimsolls do not provide ample supports. May we suggest Air Max from Nike.

Update Your Instagram

No, not pics of you sat next to a sleeping and drooling businessman, but check out some insta-accounts you’ve not yet noticed. We’d highly recommend @Beyonce – she’s upped her online game and is full of motivational and uplifting content.

Read A New Book

Take this time out (of the office) to read something other than Reddit on your commute. You could catch up on a classic (Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert is a good one) or try a newbie (Barbarians by Tim Glencross)

Cosy Into A Hooded Coat (Like Jessica Alba!)

Umbrellas are perhaps the worst best invention known to man. Always breaking, being lost or drenching other people when hopping onto public transport = lose lose every time. Ergo, a hooded cosy coat will save you some drama should the rain set in. Which it will.

Sort Out Your Soundsystem

You could listen to that screaming baby for 45 mins, or you could not. We choose not. And therefore we choose top quality noise-cancelling headphones – like these Beats by Dre that have been designed by Alexander Wang. Double whammy.

Download A New Album

Make the most of the afore-mentioned headphones and get into some new grooves. Highly recommend in the Grazia office right now is the new Kelis album, the new-ish St Vincent album and the This American Life podcast.

Heads up, Londers: the tube strike is coming and as of 9.30pm tonight, services will be distrupted until Thursday 1st May. Yikes. If previous experience is anything to go by, #tubestrike is set to render London incapable of pretty much anything and everything, but that doesn’t mean YOU have to be useless.

There are certain measures that can be taken to breeze through this bleedin’ annoyance with grace and dignity – and, dare we say it, a silver lining can be found in such things as having the extra travel time to read a book or discover some new Instagram accounts.

Here are some ways to work it on the (long and arduous) way to work…


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