6 Good Examples Of Harrington Jacket Wearers (Clue: Not Chris Huhne)

14 May 2013 by

I once fell in love with a man in a Harrington jacket. I fell straight out of love with him the moment he introduced himself as 'an urban poet’, but remained in love with the jacket for the best part of a week.

I even went as far as buying one myself. It is black, too big, smells of meat and liquorice and has chewing gum wedged inexplicably under the left armpit, but it’s an original - made by Baracuta, who started making them in the 1930s - and cost me £14 from a charity shop, so who's the real winner.

6 Good Examples Of Harrington Jacket Wearers (Clue: Not Chris Huhne)

Chris Huhne in a Harrington jacket? Help!

So imagine my horror when Chris Huhne – yes, Chris Huhne, Chris Huhne, the same Chris Huhne who was jailed for asking his then wife to take his speeding points in 2003, that Chris Huhne – emerged this week from his toe-dip of a sentence inside wearing a navy Harrington? Yes, I went back to Scope.

The appearance of Mr Huhne probably marks the end of the Harrington jacket. So with that in mind, here are my top 6 Harrington (or Harrington-esque) examples of all time

 1. Steve McQueen


2. Andrew Garfield

No lining. 'Leftfield'

3. Kristen Stewart

Excellent appropriation

4. Elvis

Obvs, part 2

5. Daniel Craig


6. Martin Freeman

Paisley. Fun!



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