10 Questions: Nicole Scherzinger Dishes On Her Missguided Line And What Makes Her Happy

05 March 2014 by

Yep, Nicole Scherzinger can pretty much do anything she turns her hand to, from singing to being a judge on the X Factor. Her latest venture is her Nicole x Missguided collection - here she talks to Grazia about designing and how she relaxes with her busy schedule.

Nicole Scherzinger Misguided

Nicole Scherzinger Models Her New Collection

1. What key elements will you be incorporating in the range?

Right now fishnet is really on trend for Spring and Summer, you see it everywhere from the high end Gucci to the high street. I love my fishnet pieces because they’re just, you know, really cool, fresh, edgy, urban, street chic you know. Then I’ve got some leatherette pants that are really cool that you can dress up or down with some of my fishnet jumpers, bodysuit or a crop top. Then I have a really strong statement cut out dress, they’re really clean, they’re definitely statement but they’re still effortless. I designed everything to the detail, I’m very picky – I love this collection and I don’t have a favourite piece. It’s just my style over the years. For example I love racer back tanks, I just think that they’re cool and they’re sexy and they’re effortless so I made a lot of my dresses have racer backs – I think what’s really sexy on a woman is showing a little bit of their shoulders, or their clavicle, without being too much and I’ve got a lot of that in my collection. I worked very hard on it with Missguided and my stylist Laurie Smith.

2. Who are your fashion icons and who are your favourite designers?

I’ve always been inspired by Gwyn Stefani, I love it how she has like that dope effortless kind of street look which she started out with No Doubt with the tank and the dickies and the beanie. There’s that surfer girl in me that’s like that and then she’s able to dress it up and she’s really impeccable with her fashion and she’s really into her monochrome and strong statements and strong pieces. She’s always kept it really ultra cool. [In terms of designers I like] everyone from Rick Owen to Cavalli, Isabel Marant.

3. What’s your earliest memory?

The first thing that pops into my head was watching my Mum’s family perform. They had a group, a Hawaiian group – we’d come over from the mainland to Hawaii and they were called The Sons and Daughters of Hawaii and my Grandmother – my Tutu – sang and my Mum comes from a family of ten brothers and sisters. Everyone had a role, my Mother was the lead hula dancer and my Tutu was the singer and everyone had an instrument and danced and sang. I was really young, probably about four years old and they taught me my first little hula song called, ‘Pearly Shell.’

4. What’s your biggest fear?

I don’t want to say failing but my biggest fear I guess would have been to not have really lived to my fullest potential. To have wasted time and to not have seized every opportunity and every moment and to have shed that light onto other people to do the same thing – you have to share it, we’re not just here for ourselves.

5. What is relaxation to you?

Sleep. Relaxation to me is yummy, I love food, I love Mexican and a margarita – on the rocks with salt. Listening to an album and being in a bath, a nice deep tissue massage – not soft massages! A yummy meal, a funny movie.

6. Who are you closest to in your life?

Well, first I have my family, I have my Mum, my Dad and my sister and then my nieces I’m ridiculously close to. I have a very very large family so I have lots of aunts and uncles and cousins. Then I have three best girlfriend – that’s all I need always. A handful of good girlfriends and my whole family.

7. What do you value in a friend?

One of my best friends her name is Katie, I’m really close to her. I think what I value in a friend is somebody who just loves you for who you are no matter what. No matter if you’re shining or if they’re there for you and they see the best in you when you don’t see the best in yourself, they pick you up and they build you up. That’s what a good friend is and that’s why I try to be for my friends – someone that you can just let your hair down with. Last night, I had two of my best friends over, Katie and Debbie and I had red velvet cheesecake and wine and we watched TV and we talked and talked and I played them my music and that was perfect for me.

8. Can you describe the last time you felt really happy?

The last time I felt really happy, was Christmas. I had Christmas and oh my gosh normally – I have a huge family as I was telling you about – and this Christmas I kept it really simple. I think it was the smallest Christmas we have had in forever, I went to Tennesse to be with my sister and my nieces and her husband and I flew my Mum and Dad in from Hawaii and that was it. And my Mum made all my favourite things that I love to eat for Christmas, it was small and intimate and it was perfect. It was like everything you work so hard for in life it’s for those moments. And the food that my Mum made, that I grew up with eating I wanted extra potatoes, extra stuffing, extra broccoli cheese casserole!

9. Is there one thing you would change about your life?

No, we’re continually changing and growing and you know it’s the journey of getting there. It’s a new year so I am going to be changing this year. The only thing I’d change is I wish they would have like teleports so that you could get to the UK a lot faster, it would be like “in one hour you will be in London.”

10. What’s the most expensive item in your wardrobe?

I don’t know, I try not to pay too much attention to those things. One of my favourite items is one of my Hermes bags. And I’ve got a lot of YSL bags with the white snow leopard on them, I love them and they don’t make them anymore – and I love a matching scarf. And you can never gowrong with a Balenciaga biker leather jacket either - they just go so well with everything.  

Nicole's Missguided collection will launch on the 11th of March - we don't know about you, but we can't wait to check it out!


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