Gemma Cairney's Edinburgh Scrapbook: The Presenter Shares Her Top Tips For The Edinburgh Fringe

By Grazia staff - 6 December 2014

Grazia staff

I've had my head blown clean off. My imagination close to melting, I've spent the last four nights gulping up Edinburgh. Edinburgh in August is the proud, pigeon chested host of not only the most known festival,  The Fringe, but The Book Festival , The Art Festival, The International Festival, oh, and the TV one too.

The gothic city nearly triples in population and there are fireworks every night as part of the Royal Military Edinburgh Tattoo. Flags have been erected on top of historic buildings beaming one simple word 'Hello' welcoming the world to have their minds pumped with everything & anything from terrible stand up (that might make your toes curl with thunderous embarrassment), to a physical frenzy from some bendy, human Stretch Armstrong, Danish male theatre troop that make you scream for more at the end of their sold out show (Blam!). It is bananas, it is intense, it is relentless. But it's amazing. Now breathe.

If you are off to Edinburgh this month then here is my personal top ten, think of it as me stuffing you a fistful of flyers that are worth it .You never know, it could hopefully help you insert some method to the madness?


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