YOU Voted Liverpool The Most Stylish City In Our North West Street Chic Fash Clash

By Contributor - 6 December 2014


Earlier this week the fashion battle commenced! In the latest issue of Grazia you’ll find a 7-page section dedicated to all of the brilliant things to see, do, drink, shop, eat and simply enjoy in Liverpool and Manchester. These two cities are known for their major fashion scenes, dedicated stylistas and cool street-spotting potential. But who has the very best style? We sent Style Hunter to each city to investigate – and gave you the final say.

And you did, by voting Liverpool the most stylish city with nearly 70% of the vote. Take a look through the Style Hunter pics below and let us know if you agree...


L-R: Aleisha Swindell, Claire Jessica Tighe and Hollie Christian

From punk-meets-1940s-lady mash-ups to styling out spring with a little gothic twang, Liverpool’s best dressed girls aren’t afraid of creating a strong look and taking it through to their expertly finished hair and makeup. We are impressed…


L-R: Rebecca Holdsworth, Marianne Russell Smith and Jessica Jervis

And in Manchester casual was the order of the day. But casual certainly doesn’t equal boring for these snappy dressers. Cue statement-making feather coats, leather leggings, velvet pants and denim dungarees.  Good going girls…

Even with sub-zero temperatures and relentless snow the dedicated best-dressed of Liverpool and Manchester are just as good at defiantly rocking a crop top as they are at interesting layering techinques.


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