Fashion Blogger Of The Week: Naomi And Amy Of Two Shoes, One Pair On Blogging With Your Best Friend And Experimenting With Trends

By Contributor - 7 December 2014


Naomi and Amy

If you find personal style blogs as addictive as we do then you'll love this relative newbie on the scene. Two Shoes, One Pair is the brainchild of best friends Naomi and Amy, who met while working for high street staple, Topshop. The girls share a passion for experimenting with the latest trends, but don't always wear them the same way. Cue their new blog, where both bloggers showcase their latest looks under particular themes including 'Monochromatic', 'Floral', and ‘College'. You can dip into their wardrobes and decide whose take on the trend you like best, and catch up on the latest must haves with regular 'Week In Style' posts. Find out what inspired the blog and how Naomi and Amy create outfits in our Q&A...

Grazia Daily: How long have you been blogging?

Naomi and Amy: Only since the beginning of March, so we are still relatively new to the blogging world but we love it more and more everyday!

Grazia Daily: What made you decide to start your blog?
Naomi and Amy: We are two girls from rural Oxfordshire, but didn't meet until becoming a styling duo in a Topshop Flagship in Central London. When Naomi was promoted to a different position we decided not to let Hyde Park or busy schedules separate us and have continued to work together as best friends and Two Shoes, One Pair was born.

Grazia Daily: What's been your highlight so far?
Naomi and Amy: How quick and positive the reaction has been! We're less than six weeks old and Naomi has been in Look Magazine and now we're answering questions for Grazia?! It's crazy!

Amy from Two Shoes, One Pair

Grazia Daily: Are there any particular perks of blogging?
Naomi and Amy: We are both very ambitious and creative people so having another outlet for something that we enjoy doing this much is so fun, and still seeing each other all the time, even if it's not everyday anymore!

Grazia Daily: Have you been to London Fashion week?
Naomi and Amy: No :(! but funnily enough, we started TSOP just after LFW AW13 in the hope that we would be invited in September! It's a total dream for both of us as we use a lot of catwalk inspiration professionally and personally and we are so proud to be a part of London's fashion scene, even if it's just a small part at the moment!

Grazia Daily: Why should people read your blog?
Naomi and Amy: We both have eclectic styles, we both like to experiment and neither of us are afraid to try something a little out of our comfort zone but we stay true to ourselves, are confident with our own identities and enjoy adding those unique little twists to London’s fashion trends. We both dress similarly yet quite differently at the same time so we can really show how you can interpret all of those must have trends without feeling like you're following the fashion pack too closely.

Naomi from Two Shoes, One Pair

Grazia Daily: What advice do you have for anyone starting a blog?
Naomi and Amy: Go for it and enjoy! It does take a lot of time and effort to make a blog, but it is so worth it. Most importantly you need to really believe in what your blogging about, if you don't no one else will either.

Grazia Daily: What other fashion blogs do you love?
Amy: My favourite blog ever is, everything about Aimee's style is just perfect! Other than that I tend to 'read' street style based blogs like the Topshop Tumblr.

Naomi: I'm a big fan of you must check out her eclectic style and absolutely stunning outfits. I also religiously follow Miroslava Duma the style goddess, her ability to put her personal stamp on everything she wears and make it 100% original is beyond me! Of course like Amy, I stay true to our brand and the Topshop Tumblr is like my second best friend!


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