Vlogger Emily Hartridge's Diary From Her Trip To Verona For The Intimissimi Show

06 August 2013

GALLERY>> Why The Intimissimi show was AWESOME

1. Verona

Ummmmm hello it’s Verona! Despite the fact it’s a fairly romantic city and I am single, I just hugged myself and took in the view

2. Hotel

The hotel we stayed in was incredible. I don’t know about you but I would be very happy to live in a hotel. There’s always a buzzing atmosphere, you don’t have to do any cleaning nor do you have to wash up after you’ve eaten so it’s pretty much like living back at home with my parents except it’s WAY better

3. Travel Companions

Intimissimi invited quite a few fashion bloggers to Verona from all over the world and it was so lovely to have them there with me to enjoy it all (getting drunk by yourself is no fun). I always thought I was slightly odd and then I met these gals and I realised there were others out there like me.

4. Hair and Makeup

The lovely people at Intimissimi had paid for hair and makeup artists to make sure we were looking our best at all times. WARNING: SELFIE ALERT

PS No I wasn't naked

5. The Fashion Show

The Intimissimi fashion show was incredible, such an amazing atmosphere. They had a live orchestra that played throughout and the models weren’t your bulk standard models. They all clapped and smiled throughout and really bought the energy into the room. Plus most of them were almost naked which helped too. I’d like to highlight these are two models who I definitely would NOT kick out of bed.

6. The kick I needed to get in shape

Now I would consider myself to be a fairly active person but I haven’t exercised ‘properly’ in a LONG time. I know the other girls would agree with me when I say that after watching the female models strut their incredible bodies in lingerie most definitely made me think I need to change that. They weren’t the standard stick thin models, they had boobs and bums and had the most sickeningly toned bodies (in a good way). This is Tamara Lazic, the current face of Intimissimi.

7. aaaaaand chill

Although Intimissimi worked us hard drinking champagne, watching fashion shows and eating delicious authentic Italian food, they were kind enough to give us time to chill out in the sun too. I’m sure most of you like me lead a busy life so when I’m away all I want to do is well….nothing.

8. Free clothes

Girls like clothes- fact, but what do we like more? Free clothes. Luckily Intimissimi knew this and had kindly left us presents in our rooms when we arrived which included our outfits for the shows. I think we all scrub up pretty well, don't you?

9. Dressing up

'Although I’m a jean and t shirt kind of girl, I do enjoy an excuse to make an effort and get dressed up for a party. Being in Verona was the perfect excuse for this. In this picture I am wearing my favourite dress by Maria Grachvogel'

10. Best time

I had such a great time in Verona. I met some lovely people, ate delicious food and watched extremely sexy fashion shows (with many naked men). The only problem was I had to come home and go back to reality. In case you don’t know what sadness is, I thought I’d take a picture of it for you

Vlogger Emily Hartridge is a YouTube sensation thanks to her '10 Reasons Why...' series, where she tackles everything from why men cheat to why you shouldn't lose your laptop. Last week she jetted off to Verona with 14 other fashion bloggers for the Intimissimi show. It sounds like the perfect trip to us. Men with very few clothes on? Tick. Hot weather? Tick. Carbohydrates galore? Tick. But just in case we were in any doubt that a fashion show in Italy would be favoloso, she has rounded up her 10 reasons why her trip away was awesome.

Warning you will get a serious case of holiday envy when looking through Emily's Verona diary in the gallery above. Plus go inside the Intimissimi show in Verona with the 15 fashion bloggers in the video below...

By Emily Hartridge


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