Nicola Formichetti On His Dazed & Confused Covers PLUS Lady Gaga 'Ass' Bag: EXCLUSIVE

13 November 2012 by

He's got a legion of followers on Twitter, loves pandas and famously put Lady Gaga in that meat dress. In this week's issue of Grazia (out now!) Susannah Frankel meets the world's coolest stylist, Nicola Formichetti...

He is the creative director of Mugler, fashion director of Uniqlo and designer of the Nicopanda line of clothing and accessories. Most famously, this is the man who put Lady Gaga into prime cuts of beef as well as many equally confrontational although admittedly not quite so visceral looks. Since they met in 2009 (he has since said it was “instant love’) he has been her creative collaborator and good friend.

At the time of the interview, Formichetti was putting the finishing touches to the December issue of Dazed & Confused which he has guest edited. He started out as a junior fashion editor at that magazine ten years ago, rose through the ranks to become creative director and on this occasion: “Jefferson [Hack – the magazine’s co-founder and publisher] wanted to celebrate me after ten years, to put me on the cover. I was, like: Whaaat? I just wanted to pump the magazine up, show people what I’m into. And this month, what I’m into is Asia.”

Grazia Daily has an exclusive first look at all four covers for the magazine (check out the gallery above). Among the many artists featured is Angelababy who appears on two of the four – the first time alone and then up close and personal with Nicola. “She’s this sensation in China, she has 2 billion followers on Weibo – I mean, who cares about Gangnam Style?” Back in Toyko he styled Kyary Pamyu Pamyu for the remaining pair, with him again, sweetly, and solo. “She’s like Gaga in Japan. I found her on youtube and was like who is this mad person? I just wanted an excuse to meet her really. She’s super young and huge. I love the idea that someone that crazy can be mainstream.”

Nicola Formichetti On His Dazed & Confused Covers PLUS Mugler's Lady Gaga 'Ass' Bag: EXCLUSIVE

Bag, from £880, Mugler (

Formichetti also dishes on his latest venture for Mugler, designing handbags. The collection includes an “homage” to the aforementioned Gaga’s entirely enviable backside. “I wanted to do something with her or, in fact, for her and my favourite part of her body is her arse so, yeah, the shape mimics her lines. It’s great timing. The bag is like a celebration of her body as it is now. Before she was super skinny because she was on tour and dancing every day. Now she’s in love, she’s hanging out with her boyfriend, she’s happy, she has a little more time. She’s a 25-year old normal girl and is totally confident with who she is. She’s doing her own thing, as always, and wants to communicate that and, like with that Comme dress which was genius, to have a little fun with the media too.”

For more from Nicola, pick up the new issue of Grazia. Dazed & Confused December issue, guest edited by Nicola Formichetti is on sale November 15



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