Barack Obama To Feature On Rookie? Grown-Up Tavi Gevinson On The US President And Her Fashion Fatigue: VIDEO

13 November 2012 by

It seems Barack Obama is the fash world's latest muse. Yesterday we saw Karl Lagerfeld's sketch of Mr President, the chef while Katy Perry, Beyonce and more have all rocked the Obama-ista look. Now fashion's child prodigy, Tavi Gevinson, has told Vanity Fair that Barack Obama might appear on Rookie Mag.

She said: “I believe we have one or two leads, but then we kind of gave it a rest because, you know, there were a few other things I figured he was busy with. I think I would have felt a little guilty, too. Like what if he didn’t win and I thought “Oh man, if only he hadn’t made that five-minute video for Rookie”? If all goes well, in my opinion, and he has some time later on, we might pick that back up again.” Fingers crossed.

Surely the President can spare five minutes for fashion's fave chadult? Remember, Tav was part of the ah-mazing ‘You Don’t Own Me’ video with Alexa Chung - one of our fave campaign videos, well, EVER.

Since she launched her blog at age 11, Tavi has FROW’d with Anna Wintour, appeared in every single mag there is and now has her own book Rookie Yearbook One. But the style rookie seems to have turned her back on the fashion world recently as she blogged about her fashion fatigue. Now 16-years-old (yes, really), she's confessed that she couldn't find the energy to speak to Anna Wintour and called New York Fashion Week “very high schooly.” Eeek. Well, she does know about school life considering she's still got four years left.

“My blog is turning away from fashion a little, naturally,” she blogged, “How depressing would it be if I was that obsessed with only fashion for three years? That’s how old my blog will be in a few days. Strange.”

She said to VF she hasn’t left fashion entirely: “I never felt like I was denouncing fashion. In a way, I still think that I am obsessed with it, except for when my friend asked me the other day if I had looked at any shows from this past Fashion Week yet. And I realised that it had just kind of slipped my mind. There’s a lot that I haven’t looked at."

“I feel like now fashion is just part of how I think about everything. When I send out a mood board to our contributors every month about our monthly theme, there are photos from our fashion shows, but there are also film stills and album art. I feel like it’s just part of everything in my brain right now.” Wow Tavi sounds super grown-up (and a taaaad pretentious) for a 16-year-old, no?

Check her out looking all grown up in an Access Hollywood interview below...


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