When Grazia Met Kourtney & Kim Kardashian For Their Dorothy Perkins Kollection: VIDEO

08 November 2012 by

A suite at the Dorchester, hoards of paparrazzi and a waiting room for the waiting room - when Grazia Daily met the Kardashian sisters this morning, it was a full-on media circus, sorry, kircus. Kim and Kourtney are in our fair capital to launch their Kardashian Kollection at Dorothy Perkins (Khloe is busy filming the US X Factor, boo) and we were lucky enough to have ten whole minutes with the insanely glossy pair to talk all things Kar-fash - and they were EXACTLY as we'd hoped...

Kardashian Kollection at Dorothy Perkins

Move over Khloe: Grazia's web editor with Kim and Kourtney.

Early this morning, we pushed past photographers circling like vultures outside the Dorchester Hotel in London for a glimpse of THE most famous brunettes on the planet. A Dorothy Perkins representative was waiting to whisk us up to the hotel's top floor and usher us into a waiting room. We're talking swanky Dorcester not Doctor's ward style, obvs - think plush sofas, champagne on tap and stacks of fluffy towels decorating the en suite. The Dotty P representative told us the girls would be ready soon and so we waited.

After checking my leopard print top, stretch pencil skirt and glitzy bling was firmly in place (my sparkling gold bandage dress is at the cleaners, soz), it was time to meet the KKs. Deep breath. 'This way to the waiting room please,' said the DP PR. Yep, we'd been in a waiting room for the waiting room and the next waiting room was EVEN BETTER than the first. It was there that E! staff asked us to sign a release form agreeing that our interview could be featured on their reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. *reapplies lipgloss*

When Grazia Daily Met Kourtney & Kim Kardashian For Their Dorothy Perkins Kollection

Finally we were in the presence of actual real Kardashians. 'Hello, it's so great to meet you!' I peep, stretching my hand out to the two impeccably preened sisters sitting on a ginormous sofa. 'Hello,' they trill in unison with those blinding white smiles that I've seen on a zillion magazine covers. 'You look incredible. What are you wearing?' Again in unison: 'Kardashian Kollection.' But of course!

So how do they rate London fashion? 'It's more effortless here,' oozes Kim in her honeyed tones. 'It's still sophisticated and well put together though,' she quickly adds. Proving how much they love Brit style, the sisters happily played a round of Fashion Jury for Grazia's pleasure, giving their Kardashian Kritique on everyone from Rita Ora to Victoria Beckham (although they can't remember if they've met Queen VB, oops). 

Speaking of Rita, who's reportedly dating Brother Kardash Rob, we wanted to know how one can become part of the Kardashian Krew? 'There's a gang,' says Kim. 'You have to get initated into the gang and you need to have certain essentials.' Like? 'We're all black today so...I would have said a while ago an essential is a black blazer, but now it's a great black dress.' And here I am decked out in leopard print #fashionfail

Although personal questions are off limits, there's no way we were going to miss out on the chance to grill Kim on those ko-ordinating outfits with Kanye West. So is he REALLY her stylist? 'I met a stylist of his a while ago and she cleaned out my closet and somehow its turned into "he’s my stylist" and he picks out all my clothes.' We take that as a 'no' then. But what about when they both wore head-to-heel white to the BET Awards, hmm?

'[Kanye] was doing a performance so everyone that he was performing with was wearing all white,' Kim explains. 'I wasn’t planning on going to the award show and I had just brought that dress a week before, it was still at the tailor, and he was like ‘please come’ and I was like. "I have nothing to wear. Oh wait, I have that one white dress." So it was just random.'

Kim Kardashian having nothing to wear? Randomly dressing just like her designer boyfriend? Guess we're going to have to take her word for it. Check out the full video interview below and click here to see what went down at the KK party.


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