Fashion Blogger Of The Week: Lucy Of Style By Smith On Why She Started Her Blog

02 November 2012 by

Fashion blogger Lucy Smith recently led her city to victory in Grazia's Street Fashion Week. Photographing Cardiff's finest the former fashion student showcased the Welsh capital's eclectic style. Currently interning at ASOS and updating Style By Smith, we chatted to social media whizz kid and shopping obsessive to find out more about what makes her blog tick...

Grazia Daily: How long have you been blogging?

Lucy: I started up my blog last year, during my final year of Uni.

Grazia Daily: What made you decide to start your blog?

Lucy: There were so many things I was loving at the time, and I really wanted a platform to share my thoughts. I also really love to write. I created my own magazine called Grandeur for fashion students, so thought it would be really cool to share bits of that throughout my posts too.

Grazia Daily: Which subjects do you particularly love blogging about?

Lucy: Anything about fashion. I mix pretty, image based posts featuring particular styles/items I'm coveting at that moment with word heavy posts focused on various topics or anything that excites me. I'm working on the Editorial desk at ASOS at the moment... it's a bubbling hub of creativity, and has really opened up my eyes and interests.

Grazia Daily: What’s been your highlight so far?

Lucy: Definitely being approached by you guys to work on Street Fashion Week. Other than that, every post is a highlight. I get to say what I want, about what I want, when I want! I genuinely love everything I write about. In fact, I'm probably my own biggest reader! HA!

Grazia Daily: Are there any particular perks of blogging?

Lucy: The blogging community is great. Everyone is super friendly and eager to socialise. It's been really helpful with me persuing a career in fashion. I've had quite a few opportunities come my way via the blog.

Grazia Daily: Do you attend London Fashion Week?

Lucy: I didn't attend this season as I was in the middle of moving to London. February is a must though. I have worked backstage and sat in the audience. There's nothing like it!

Grazia Daily: What are your favourite brands?

Lucy: Right now - MSGM, Patricia Chang, Kenzo, and ASOS own brand stuff - every day is a constant battle between my bank balance and the 'New In' page. Accessories are my favourite though. I spend hours on Etsy.

Grazia Daily: Blog brag time: why should people read your blog?

Lucy: Gahh! Hmm... I guess for the original content. I have a few things in the pipeline. I want to grow the blog and mesh Grandeur and a few other entities into one platform. If you want to work in fashion, I think you'll like what you see once it's all finalised. (Hopefully).

Grazia Daily: What advice do you have for anyone starting a blog?

Lucy: Just enjoy it. Don't blog about stuff that you think people want to read/look at. Just do you and the readers will come. Quality over quantity every time!

Grazia Daily: Which other fashion blogs do you love?

Lucy: Love Buro 24/7... I can't read Russian, but they always have great imagery. I'm a huge fan of Miroslava Duma. The Coveteur is doing great things. Their mini 'Coveteurs' video is absolutely brilliant! I'm always finding new blogs. I'm a total social media geek and always find interesting reads on the likes of Twitter and Pinterest. The small-town girls with no High Street nearby... that's where it's at. They're always the most creative and original.


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