First Trailer Of The Carrie Diaries: Cocktails, Stilettos And The Voiceover

26 October 2012 by

Gossip Girl is nearly over (SOB), but we don't have to leave the glossy streets of NY for long as The Carrie Diaries is coming and good news - the first trailer is in. And what can you learn from the 3 minute teaser? The Carrie voiceovers will be back and we'll get over our post GG blues with the teen Bradshaw's clothes, as they've got Gossip Girl's costume designer Eric Daman.

The opening has a Mean Girls vibe as 16-year-old Carrie pulls up at her new school and has an 'I used to be excited about learning but this time I'm afraid' moment. The beginning of her Manhattan love story (as she poetically puts it) has got all the elements of a classic chick-flick cinderella story. Her dad decides she can leave her home town Conneticut and school to do an internship in New York (chick flick rents don't care about silly things like maths).

When shopping in a department store she thinks she is having her handbag stolen, but no it is the fashion editor of Interview magazine who decides she is an icon in the making and invites her into her faaaaabulous world. This is the start of Carrie's life of cosmos with fashion peeps, but eeeek will she make it back home in time for her school prom?

We predict lots of Carrie running through the streets of Manhattan montages. But this is what we'll tune in for - the cocktails, stilettos and big skirts. But it seems unlikely that young Carrie will be able to compete with Shoshanna, Jessa, Hannah and Marnie from Sex and the Gritty - Girls.

Watch the first trailer of The Carrie Diaries below:


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