Exclusive Q&A: Savannah Miller On Her Line Nelly.com Collection And Surprising Hobby!

25 October 2012 by

For the past few weeks we’ve been patiently anticipating the launch of Savannah Miller’s latest fashion line, Savannah, onto Nelly.com and today the wait is over. In this 40 piece debut collection you’ll find the designer’s signature rock’n’roll bohemia – the look that so famously made her sister Sienna a unrivalled British style icon – and it’s all at a bloomin’ brilliant high street price. Nothing is over £175! That calls for a yay. “It felt really important for me to explore this price point,” Savannah told us while exclusively showing us through the 40 piece range, “So many of my friends have lost their jobs over the past few years and a lot of people are hard up, but they all still want to be into fashion.” Too true! What other words of wisdom could Savannah supply us with? We gave her a good ol’ Grazia grilling…

Dree Hemingway modelling the Savannah collection

Grazia Daily: What’s your signature? Jeans, knits and the tailored boyfriend blazer. I never did slouchy tailoring at Twenty8Twelve, but for the Savannah collection I’m really go into it.

Savannah Miller: What are you most proud of in your fashion career? THIS.  Definitely. Because it was a real leap of faith and I feel 100 per cent responsible for it for the first time, to be honest. I’ve got here on my own merit. I’m a grown up, but I don’t know if I feel like one! I have to remind myself that I have three kids!

How did you get into fashion?

I’ve been obsessed with it for as long as I can remember. My mum had a sewing machine and used to run up little Liberty print skirts for me. I must’ve been about nine and I can remember commenting on her stitching, telling her that I should do it. I hijacked the sewing machine and sewing box.

Ooh, you should do a liberty print collection...

I’d love to! So after that, I was at boarding school and used to knit with pencils. At school I did art, although my parents thought it wasn’t academic enough. I Edinburgh Uni to do eastern religion, because I’d been in India for a while, but it was ridiculous, I realised I wasn’t meant to be doing it. All the while I’d been making fancy dress costumes and outfits. Then Kelly Hoppen, my stepmother, who was really good friends with Joseph (the late designer Joseph Ettigui) and she said go to Central St Martins for a year and you can come and work for me! So I literally banged the door down. You had to pay for this foundation course to build your portfolio, I did that, then applied for the BA course and got in. I thought I’m a heaven! The hallowed halls of St Martins…

What advice would you give to people starting out in design?

Work your bloody arse off! I didn’t stop. I was literally the first one in college and the last one out. I was doing work experience on the side, at Alexander McQueen, and in my year out I worked full time - all day all night. It’s not a drag if you want to be there. You have to do the menial stuff and sometimes people don’t understand that. I’ve made so much tea in my life you wouldn’t believe! No job is too small.

What’s been your biggest mistake in fashion?

I think you just have to in this industry is follow your instincts. I can remember at one point I was desperate to do flares, I HAD to do flares, but everyone in my team said I was bonkers and that the trend was so over and we can’t do it. But that was the season J Brand then created the Lovestory flares and they went stratospheric. I should’ve stuck to my guns! It was so annoying.

Super stylish sisters: Savannah and Sienna Miller

What would we be surprised to know about you?

I’m a doula, a holistic birth nurse. Because I had my first baby at home in a water pool. I’m a big natural birth fan and I wanted to help my friends and other people to have that kind of empowering birth. I’ve been to two - my sister’s and a friend. I can’t do it full time ‘cos I’m kind of busy. If you can give birth on a Saturday, I can’t schedule it in!

What trend are you over?

Peter Pan collars. I still like them but they are everywhere. I don’t get that heated about hating trends.

Your biggest fash faux pas?

Until I was 15 I wore plaid trousers with a matching plaid trim frilly neck blouse. I was a total dweeb. Now you see kids of eight looking hip in Topshop!

Best fashion moment?

I went to Met Ball with my sister once. It was epic. It was 2010 and I wore twent8twelve gold velvet dress. Pucci designer Peter Dundas was my date, he’s so cool we had such a good time. Everywhere you turned there was someone fabulous. I did giggle constantly because I kept bumping into supermodels!

And finally, what do you think of Kate Middleton’s look?

I’m really impressed with her. She’s so professional with her wardrobe. I think she’s really nailing it. It’s a job when she goes out. She’s true to her style and great to exposing Brit brands. Hmm, I don’t think she’d suit my boyf blazer to be honest! She’s the ultimate lady.



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