"Nobody Liked Her": Mario Testino Had To Fight To Photograph Supermodel Gisele Bündchen

23 October 2012 by

Mario Testino has said that he had to convince the fashion world that Gisele Bündchen was a super in the making. We know, we know this is ridiculous, as Gisele is now a SUPER, supermodel. In fact she could be the most successful model of all time, as she's set to be the first billionaire supermodel according to Forbes.

"Nobody liked her, nobody wanted her," Testino said in an interview with The Guardian. "I had to fight to get her into my stories because nobody thought she was right - too this, too that, the nose, the breasts, the waist. But I believe in being obsessed, in getting obsessed."

In the interview Testino also revealed that he was called to shoot Anna Wintour and her first child’s passport photos. Well if you can have one of the world’s best photographers do it rather than a booth, why not? 

Testino said he regrets not shooting with more men and said he has never photographed Sean Penn. Oh wait, no he was wrong. Testino is SO big, he actually forgets which A Listers he has photographed. He added: "Actually I did. At a party. It's a great picture – he's lighting a cigarette for Naomi Campbell. For a while they used to say that I document men better than women, but there's no business in men, so I started to photograph women like crazy."

Testino said he has worked with Keira at least 10 times and revealed he “died laughing” when shooting Princess Diana. Testino shared his memories of Princess Diana's wedding: “I was sitting on top of a mailbox in the street, part of the masses, looking at this procession of carriages, and I took a picture of the Queen Mother in her carriage with Prince Edward. She looked like she saw me and knew me – she looked straight into the camera."

Testino also spoke of fashion queen Kate Moss: "She's fun, generous, she has taste, she's beautiful. I don't know what it is we have, because I'm so much older than her, and she's rock'n'roll, but if we're in the same room we'll be sitting next to each other within five minutes."


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