Karl Lagerfeld Criticises French Government In Spanish Marie Claire

22 October 2012 by

It wouldn't be Monday without a good ol' Lagerfeld debacle. As we have previously noted, Karl is known for his critical remarks, and once again, the Kaiser is feeling the pressure, this time directed at French President, François Hollande.

As WWD reports, Karl wrote a piece as the guest editor for Spanish Marie Claire's special twenty-fifth anniversary issue. In the piece, he criticizes the French President and his new Socialist government's high taxes on the wealthy. But while the criticisms are harsh, it's rather his choice of words that has him in hot water, as he uses the word imbécil to describe President Hollande.

However, Spanish Maire Claire editor-in-chief Joana Bonet has come to his defence, saying the comments were 'taken out of context,' and that he was referring to the French President's policies rather than the man himself. When Bonet asked if Hollande is against the rich, Lagerfeld replied: 'He’s disastrous. He wants to punish them and, of course, they’re leaving. Nobody is investing. Foreigners don’t want to invest any more in France — and this is not working. Besides, France — apart from fashion, jewellry, perfume and wine — is not competitive...'

While he may not be buying French cars, Karl blamed his lack of Spanish skills on the misinterpretation of terms. And while he disagrees with his new President's policies, Karl maintains Hollande is 'very fun, spiritual and intelligent.' Whatever the meaning behind his word choice, Hollande shouldn't ponder Unkle Karl's interpretation too heavily.

As he wrote in his Maire Claire introduction, 'I don’t care if people I admire criticize me because their opinion is valuable to me. But with those I don’t care about, it makes no difference, good or bad, because I don’t read them.'  Well then, it seems we'll have many Lager-isms to come. 


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