Girls Guide: 10 Things You Need To Know About Shoshanna Shapiro Aka Actress Zosia Mamet

22 October 2012 by

1. Shoshanna is Jessa's cousin

To celebrate the launch of HBO's Emmy nominated Girls in the UK (Mon 22 Sept, 10pm, Sky Atlantic, this week we're giving you a guide to the four key female characters and actresses in the show critics have described as 'The Real Sex and the City'. Next up it's Shoshanna Shapiro Aka Actress Zosia Mamet.

Shoshanna is Jessa's younger American cousin. One of the most awkward moment in Girls is when she is caught watching her cousin have sex.

2. She's a virgin that can't drive

Maybe she can drive, we don't know, we just wanted to use a Clueless quote, but when we first meet Shoshanna she is a virgin.

Zosia has said: "I think it was great for the show that, amongst all of the insane sex, there is a very real individual who has all of these confusing ideas about sex and instead of expressing them in like, just having a lot of it, she hasn’t had any of it. Which I think is a totally real experience for many girls.

"It can become such a big thing. Virginity especially—I think the longer you have it, it just gets bigger and bigger and more important, and I think it can be a very debilitating thing for certain people. And I really like that Lena allowed that aspect of shame that some people feel sometimes to be shown—especially with a girl in college being so embarrassed by that fact, when that does not have to be something embarrassing at all."

3. Shoshanna is a princess

She wears a pink Juicy Couture tracksuit and says that her parents pay $2,100 a month rent for her apartment.

4. She is obsessed with Sex and The City

She is the character who moved to NYC with dreams of sippin cocktails like Carrie and the gang. She is one of those girls who when at lunch with three other pals can't help but burst out: "This is totally like SATC."

Her SATC lines include: "This is like the most SATC."

5. Zosia's famous parents

Like the rest of the actresses on Girls, Zosia is from a famous background as she's the daughter of playwright and director David Mamet and Oscar-nominated actress Lindsay Crouse.

She has said of her background: "My mother was pregnant with me on stage, so I was a goner from the womb. I grew up on movie sets and at theatres and it always seemed like the most magical thing in the world to me. I never wanted to do anything else."

6. She's obsessed with the dating show baggage

Shoshanna loves the dating show Baggage, where contestants reveal their biggest secrets. The idea is that they will find someone who loves them secrets and all.

Shoshanna tells Hannah that her littlest baggage is her IBS, her medium baggage is that she truly hates her grandmother and her biggest baggage is that she is a virgin.

7. Zosia was on Mad Men

Girls isn't the first major TV show that Zosia has starred in, as she played Peggy's lesbian friend Joyce in Mad Men. She was also in the Oscar-nominated Kids Are All Right.

8. Her vocabulary

Lena wrote about Zosia and her choice of words: "Zosia's propensity for calling people "humans" (as in, "He's a pretty outstanding human" or "That's not what I'd want to do as a human") has quickly hijacked my vocabulary. Ditto her addition of the word "sauce" onto the end of any exciting adjec- tive. Zosia herself is funny-sauce, sweet-sauce, and going-to-have-a-big-old-career-sauce."

9. Future style icon

Shoshanna is the kind of girl who wears pink tracksuits, fleeces and maybe even a scrunchie. But Zosia has a style more like Jessa's, as she often wears interesting cuts, clashing prints and red lipstick on the red carpet.

10. She's the naive one

Shoshanna needs babysitting as soon as she steps out of her plush apartment. She even manages to get high on crack mistaking it for weed.


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