Alexa Chung On Her New US Show, Appearing In 'Gossip Girl' And Where 'It's On With Alexa Chung' Went Wrong

17 October 2012 by

Her last presenting job in America may have ended rather abruptly but Alexa Chung is back on US TV screens with Fuse News, a brand new music show on cable channel Fuse which she hosts alongside singer Ashanti and fellow Brit Jack Osbourne - a bit of a random mix we know! The style icon is excited about the prospect of bringing music to the masses, and it seems she's learnt from previous mistakes as she told Lifestyle Mirror, 'I think It’s On was a lot for everyone to take in. I wasn’t known here…But we did the best we could. I liked it! Sort of no one else did though. I think it was just too much of me, I don’t know… If you don’t like me, then, having a show of just me is difficult to watch so it was like a leap of faith for MTV and I’m really happy that they gave me that opportunity."

Luckily for Alexa’s bosses at Fuse, this time round the star’s profile across the pond has grown immensely. Not only is she a front row fixture at New York Fashion Week, she's even bagged a role in the final series of hit show Gossip Girl, playing herself. Asked if she was scared at the prospect of joining Blake Lively and Leighton Meester on set Alexa explained, "I didn’t think it would be really scary at all because I did so much TV presenting. Obviously, that’s an entire different discipline to acting. But, my role was to be myself. I still found it impossible. I got asked to do Gossip Girl and I used to really like that show, and I thought it would be quite fun. But I kept looking in the camera, which is rule one of acting! Don’t stare down the barrel. But it was a fun day."

And it’s not just her fame that’s grown either. Alexa confirms that her sense of style has also matured: “I’ve been like, I look like a grandma or a five year old. But, now I’m growing up a bit… Lots of different things inspire me. It’s just clothes, isn’t it, at the end of the day? That’s what occurred to me recently. It all got a bit serious for a minute, and then I was like, it’s just fucking clothes you know? Stressing out about what to wear and then I’m like, I don’t really give a shit! So I just wear black jeans, a navy blue jumper, and Chelsea boots.” If it works, it works!



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