Girls Guide: 10 Things You Need To Know About Marnie Michaels Aka Allison Williams

12 October 2012

1. Marnie is the Charlotte

To celebrate the launch of HBO's Emmy nominated Girls in the UK (Mon 22 Sept, 10pm, Sky Atlantic, this week we're giving you a guide to the four key female characters and actresses in the show critics have described as 'The Real Sex and the City'. Let's now meet the sensible one, Marnie Michaels played by Allison Williams.

Marnie wears boot cut jeans, blouses and pearls, has a long-term boyfriend, a great blow-dry and you guessed it, works in an art gallery. We told you, she's the Charlotte.

- Emma Spedding

2. She's the girl with the shiny white teeth

The first time we see Marnie she crawls out of the bed she shared with her flatmate Hannah, takes her teeth whitening piece out of her mouth and puts it in her uber needy boyfriend's hand. He replies: "Aww, is that a present? Is that for me?"

This is the perfect introduction to Marnie - the girl with the perfect white teeth who constantly puts down her puppy dog boyfriend.

3. Marnie lives with Hannah

Marnie and Hannah are flatmates, and one of our fave scenes with the pair is when they dance out all of their worries to Robyn On My Own.

4. Marnie has the long-term needy boyfriend (who she can't stand).

Marnie is the girl who dumps her boyfriend during make up sex. She has a puppy dog boyfriend who hangs on her every word. She loathes him, but of course she can't live without him - her expressions when he tries to touch her tell all.

5. Allison Williams' famous connections

Allison is the daughter of NBS news anchor Brian Williams, who is best friends with HBO CEO Richard Plepler. Anyone predict a sparkling TV career?

Tina Fey is also a family friend and Allison interned for her on the set of Baby Mama. According to Fey her duties included doing karaoke in the trailer with her.

6. The sex scenes

Marnie isn't naked as much as her pal Hannah, but she does have a scene where she masturbates in a bathroom at a party. Yep, this is the gritty Sex and the City.

7. She has played Kate Middleton

Allison wrote and starred in the Funny Or Die Sketches, Will & Kate before Happily Ever After. If you couldn't guess by the blow-dried curls, Allison played the part of Duchess Kate.

8. Allison gratuated in 2010

Allison graduated from Yale in 2010. While at university she was a member of an improv comedy group Just Add Water for four years.

9. Allison got picked to star in Girls by a YouTube video

Allison is a YouTube discovery. She sang a self-produced version of Mad Men which producer Judd Apatow saw and then decided she would be perfect to play Marnie.

A cover of Ke$ha's Tik Tok she uploaded onto YouTube when she was at Yale had over 5 million views.

10. Marnie is the honest friend

Marnie is the brutally honest friend who continually tells Hannah she is a brat and fat, with jibes such as "no wonder you don't have any friends pre-university."


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