Girls Guide: 10 Things You Need To Know About Hannah Horvath Aka Actress Lena Dunham

11 October 2012

1. Hannah Horvath is the Carrie

To celebrate the launch of HBO's Emmy nominated Girls in the UK (Mon 22 Sept, 10pm, Sky Atlantic, this week we're giving you a guide to the four key female characters and actresses in the show critics have described as 'The Real Sex and the City'. First up let's meet the kooky, struggling writer Hannah Horvath, played by Lena Dunham.

If Girls is the realistic Sex and the City, then Hannah would be Carrie if she drank opium teas instead of cosmos, scribbled in her diary instead of her national newspaper column and had embarrassing sex.

Lena said to Grazia: "We want to make it clear that these girls moved to New York with the hope of an SATC lifestyle, and that's this ghost that's following them around."

- Emma Spedding

2. Lena has lots of job titles

Lena Dunham isn't just the leading actress in a TV show, she is the ultimate slashy - she wrote/produced/directed/starred in Girls.

3. Lena is the voice of a generation

One of the most talked about lines in the whole first season is when Hannah says to her parents when they are about to stop giving her money: "I might be the voice of my generation.... or at least the voice of a generation."

Lena is certainly the voice of a generation as she has landed a £3.5 million book deal for her book Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She's Learned.

Lena has already proved she can write as she has been published in The New Yorker twice. But she told Grazia: "I definetely don't think I'm the voice of a generation, if so our generation is in trouble."

4. Lena has LOTS of tattoos

Lena has lots of tattoos of children's book illustrations, including a tattoo of Eloise on her back done by friend and co-star Jemima Kirke. You get to see her tattoos in Girls as Hannah likes to take her clothes off.

Lena has said about her tattoos: "I don't necessarily have a covered-in tattoos personality." But said she got addicted and had a very active tattooing period between ages 17-21

5. Hannah and the booty call boy

Lena doesn't have a boyfriend, she has Adam the booty call boy. In her own words he "treats her like monkey meat" and makes her "feel like she's becoming a delusional invisible person half the time." He's Mr Big without the nice suits and chauffeur.

6. Lena has an artistic backgroud

Lena comes from a creative background as her father Caroll Dunham is a painter and her mother Laurie Simmons is an artist and photographer. Maybe this explains why she has had so much success at such a young age - she made her first film Creative Nonfiction while still studying and made her second film Tiny Furniture when she was 22.

7. BFFs with Jemima Kirke

She met co-star Jemima Kirke (who plays the kooky Brit Jessa) at Saint Ann's School in New York City and they became BFFs. Lena asked her to be in her film Tiny Furniture and then asked her to play Jessa in Girls.

8. Hannah is the Queen of awkward

Be prepared to cringe each week at the things Hannah does, such as the time when she sees her Dad naked and the episode where she has an STI. 

9. Hannah is naked - a lot

Lena said at the New Yorker festival that she wanted to challenge the fact that average sized women hide away their bodies.

She said to Grazia: "Having my butt out felt excrutiating at the beginning. I feel the same pressures as very girl, but thankfully, hating my body is not my cross to bear in this life."

10. Four Emmy nominations

Girls was nominated for four Emmy awards this year - Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series and Outstanding writing for a comedy series.

Remember Lena is the director, producer, writer and lead actress so that's a LOT of noms for Lena.


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