The Rise Of Designer Fausto Puglisi And What He Really Thinks Of His Biggest Fan Anna Dello Russo!

05 October 2012 by

Sicilian designer Fausto Puglisi is really having a moment. Since being introduced to Italian fashion editor Anna Dello Russo, in a short space of time Fausto has gone from being virtually unknown to THE designer to watch right now. His signature warrior-style and heavily embellished mini dresses have become instantly recognisable and his collections have now been snapped up by some of the hottest boutiques worldwide and worn by A-listers such as Beyonce and MIA. Following his Spring/Summer 2013 presentation in Milan we caught up with the designer who has recently been appointed as the new Creative Director at struggling French fashion house Ungaro, where it is hoped he will breathe a new lease of life into the brand, to find out how it all began, who the Fausto Puglisi woman represents and what he really thinks of Anna Dello Russo...

Designer Fausto Puglisi

Q: How did you feel when Anna Dello Russo first started wearing your designs?
A: Anna is such an incredible woman! She's a rock star and a lady at the same time. She can be conservative as well as outrageous. And she's pure culture! I adore when people all over the world stop her on the street, because she perfectly represents our times and I love as well how she represents my times with my work. She breaks the rules and she represents a revolution, a perfect connection between the fashion power megastardom and the freedom of the web world. For me to dress her is an honour and such a incredible fun. The fittings with Anna are always pure music and pure energy.  When I fit a dress on her I want at least six tailors around because she deserves attention and respect. I feel proud and happy everytime I'm with her.

Amber Le Bon modelling Fausto Puglisi Autumn/Winter 2012

Q: How did you meet her?
A: I met Anna at the opening of the Dolce&Gabbana's Spiga 2 store in Milan. Domenico and Stefano gave me the amazing chance to present my collection in their shop and THAT day will be in my heart forever. Anna loved my pieces and we started our own "dialogue de mode". Years ago for me she was just an icon. Today I believe she's an icon but also a fantastic human being. She's pure rock and pure fashion devotion! To dance with Anna in a club is one of the most creative experiences ever, as well as drinking a cup of tea quietly at home with our dogs talking about fashion.

Amber Le Bon modelling Fausto Puglisi Autumn/Winter 2012

Q: What are your main aims as new Creative Director at Ungaro?
A: It's an HONOUR! You'll see in Paris. 

Amber Le Bon modelling Fausto Puglisi Autumn/Winter 2012

Q: Many have compared your designs to Versace. What is your inspiration and how do you like women who buy your clothes to feel when they wear your designs?
A: Gianni Versace is my maestro. Gianni was a daredevil and he was born in the southern Italy, and he loved women, real women. For me he represents my dream age, when I was a child and he was my beauty storyteller. Well, I'm Sicilian, my blood is Mediterranean and I'm obsessed by beauty and I want my fashion to talk about power, sensuality, epic, desire, tradition, vertigo, fun, royalty and overall beauty. I like classic literature and hardcore at the same time! My woman should feel free, independent, sexy and happy. The men would love to be around her and the other women would love to kill her. Because SHE is the one!

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