Lena Dunham in ASOS: The Girls Creator Talks Imperfect Heroines & Chloë Sevigny's Style

03 October 2012 by

Explaining the success of breakthrough US comedy Girls, series creator Lena Dunham says, “I think it’s having heroines who are imperfect on television, which hasn’t been allowed as much as it should be.” She later adds, “And it has breasts, sex and filthy jokes, and that brings the people…”

Lena’s interview features in this month’s issue of ASOS Magazine, alongside a photo shoot with the 26-year old writer/producer/director/actress extraordinaire. And as far as explanations of the show’s appeal go, Lena’s is pretty spot on. Girls follows the lives of four twenty-something girls (naturally) living in New York City, and perfectly captures that all-too familiar world full of unpaid internships, casual/serious (?) hook ups and quarter-life crises. Oh yes, and the ‘breasts, sex and filthy jokes’? All present – and all brutally honest.

Lena Dunham in ASOS: The Girls Creator Talks Imperfect Heroines & Chloë Sevigny's Style

Lena Dunham in Girls

“I’m going to sound like such a dipshit when I say this,” Lena says in the interview, “but so many amazing things have happened in this past year, it was almost like amazing things overload.” Yet despite gaining rave reviews and a widespread following – admirers include Tina Fey and Judd Apatow – Lena confesses to feeling unsure about her ability: “The entire process, I was just like, ‘Is this happening?’ I couldn’t believe I was getting paid to do it.” She goes on, “Every single day is still a learning process and every single day I have questions about my fitness as a person to be able to do this job.”

Talking fashion in a behind-the-scenes video, Lena cites Chloë Sevigny as her favourite style icon: “I'm a big Chloë Sevigny fan, I think she always looks amazing. She's also not one of those people who's constantly making the best dressed lists and I admire it.” Another style crush of Lena’s is her Girls co-star Jemima Kirke, who plays free-spirited Jessa. “If she threw on a burlap sack, literally, we would all go and purchase burlap sacks and I've never had that effect.” On the contrary, Lena is less than complimentary about her own style, “I could put on the classiest thing in the world and it would look kind of like someone who is new to being a drag queen. So I am trying to capture a little of what they have.”

Well, decked out in a studded denim jacket, red lipstick and cat ears for Danielle Levitt’s playful shoot, we’d say that Lena is doing just fine.

by Stephanie Soh


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