Embarassing Pictures Alert: Victoria Beckham Aged 18 In A Modelling Shoot From 1992!

27 September 2012

Who hasn’t got a batch of clandestine photos hidden in the bottom of their chest of drawers? No – we’re not talking about 50 Shades of Grey momentos – instead, those toe curling snaps of your youth, which only your mum could adore. Luckily for us non- celebrities those dodgy perms and styling combos stay locked in the past, only to be revealed on pain of death. So we can spare a little pity for Victoria Beckham, who has today seen a host of unknown shots which were taken when she was only 18, resurface for all and sundry to see.

We see Mrs B, or Victoria Adams as she was known in those pre-Beckham days, working all manner of catalogue-esque poses. Modelling with a chair, wearing a leather waistcoat (cringe) without a bra (major cringe) and smiling while sporting a leopard and ankle boots – a far cry indeed from the immaculately styled glamour-puss we know today.

Embarassing Pictures Alert: Victoria Beckham Aged 18 In A Modelling Shoot From 1992! Embarassing Pictures Alert: Victoria Beckham Aged 18 In A Modelling Shoot From 1992!

We have to say we think the young Victoria looks extremely sweet – and we were particularly surprised to see her wide smile and super-cute dimples. Of course there were also a fair share of moody numbers – they didn’t call her Posh for nothing. Photographic proof of your youthful dreams may be embarrassing now, but we reckon one day she’ll look back and it will remind her how far she’s come from the ingénue lensed in these pictures. Have you kept embarrassing pictures of your youth? And what would it take for you to show them in public? Let us know all about your cringy snaps below!

Embarassing Pictures Alert: Victoria Beckham Aged 18 In A Modelling Shoot From 1992!

Victoria Beckham at New York Fashion Week in September 2012

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Carine Van den Wyngaert (Fri Sep 28 17:14:35 BST 2012): Healthy weight not embarassing at all.
Chris van Bergem (Sat Sep 29 07:22:11 BST 2012): there she had a normal look with a little extra meat on her bones.
Flora McFadden (Mon Oct 01 17:04:16 BST 2012): We were all 18 once. If I was Victoria I would smile looking back at these photo's. Look how far she has come. She is slimmer now and more polished. Good for her. x
Mirra Lanshina (Mon Oct 01 20:18:42 BST 2012): Gosh she must hate it - she hates everything! The skin is bad, and she actually had her OWN breasts! Nevertheless I prefer that to a dehumanised emotionless robot we see in magazines now...
SkinnyRichBitch (Mon Oct 01 23:42:40 BST 2012): She looks great. It was just the style then... nothing any of us would be proud of now!
Rosie Milton (Thu Oct 04 10:56:58 BST 2012): she's definitely had her nose done since then!
Geri Fruzzetti (Thu Oct 04 15:36:03 BST 2012): I think she looked beautiful, and real.
Stephen Rodbourne (Sat Oct 06 02:30:38 BST 2012): Victoria Beckham fashion icon.Sorry but I didn't catch your name!
Natalie Coutts (Sat Oct 13 13:10:16 BST 2012): Gosh, she is healthy and glowing in those photos. She looks like a wasted skeleton above, a shadow of her former self which is a pity as at this stage of her life she has access to everything to keep well. I also think the early photos are in line with what was popular in those days and not embarrassing for her at all.
Pam Bairnsfather (Mon Oct 15 22:25:13 BST 2012): OMG.... there are some bad hair days in there. Not to mention oily skin. However, she was young and healthy looking. I think her weigh was much better then than now. She looks sexy. I do not think bones will ever be sexy!
Fab Card (Tue Oct 16 16:38:35 BST 2012): Lovely young Victoria's pictures. I like her beefed up rather than the posh's look. Still looking amazing though...
Judith Cummings (Fri Nov 09 08:14:34 GMT 2012): She looks so much better in these pictures than she dows now. There's something sweet and pretty about her and even though she's posing she doesn't look wooden and dull.
Judith Cummings (Fri Nov 09 13:26:45 GMT 2012): I cannot believe that this has turned up on my wall! How embarrassing!