Fashion Week Foodies: Team Grazia's Food Diary From London To Milan

26 September 2012 by

There’s a myth when it comes to fashion week that fashion editors don’t eat. As anyone following the GraziaFashionEd Instagram will know, at this mag, it certainly isn’t the case. However, we will confess to having some extremely strange food diaries when it comes to show time – mostly out of necessity but sometimes out of pure greed (you try turning down a plate of macaroons!)

What’s more every fashion week is different. In New York it’s all about room service because the manic workload created by the time difference means you spend more time locked in your suite bashing out copy than wining and dining. For us it was all about a menu of cheeseburgers (…when in Rome), club sandwiches and Karlie Kloss’ cookies (a FROW treat at DKNY).

London’s crazy back-to-back skedge compounded with traffic jams and heaving seating arrangements always leads to famish to feast situations – three Bourbon biscuits till four then a banquet of hot dogs for a major carb-rush. While we certainly do not advocate the nutritional value of said diet, we will say it makes you particularly adept at snagging canapés. Our top rules for cashing in on the free food include: a) Seize your moment: see a waiter, stalk, then clean the black slate plate - this is no time for courtesy, b) Always take a napkin – ideal for storing morsels for when you’re on the go, and c) Avoid seafood. No particular reason, aside from the fact the runways won’t wait for your Immodium moment to pass. Enough said.

If all this seems a bit piecemeal, you’ll be pleased to hear that Milan Fashion Week is much more plentiful in the food stakes. The home of pasta, pizza and pastries galore, we were well-watered and fed at all times. Favourites included lobster taglietelle, aubergine Parmigiana, tuna tartare, and beef carpaccio, all washed down with a good serving of Prosecco.  Sure we never found time for the Italian Full-Monty of pasta, meat, fish and pudding, but we definitely got on the Eat, Prey, Love foodie-train. Talk about bellissima.

Next up is Paris, which from previous experience offers paltry portions at dinner and few chances to grab anything more than a Paul Croque Monsieur for the rest of the day. So a month of really weird, anti-G.I eating – as much as we love fashion week, we have to admit we cant wait to get home to a hearty portion of bangers & mash. Alternatively, if anyone fancies an Italian city break, we’re definitely game!


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