Choupette Lagerfeld Vs Mercy Kardashian: Is Kim's Kitty Ready To Get Catty With Karl's Pet?

26 September 2012 by

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It looks like Grazia cover star and all round fashionable feline [a href="/tag/Choupette">Choupette Lagerfeld[/a] may have a cat fight on her hands. It seems a certain Kardashian sister is grooming her own kitty, Mercy, to steal the spotlight from under the paws of Chanel Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld's pampered pet. You’ll all know by now that here at Grazia Daily we are long-time supporters of Choupette and have championed her meteoric rise to fame. We’ve reported on everything from her appearances in magazines to her daily routine, BUT there’s no denying that Kim's cat is a cutie. We even have our suspicions that the pointy eared, blue eyed fluff ball might actually be a Furby!

Not only do Choupette and Mercy share a similar style – white fur, whiskers, a tail – but the pair have both demonstrated an aptitude for social media. Following our Fashion Issue last week we posted [a href="/fashion/archive/2012/09/18/karl-lagerfeld-choupette.htm">a daily gallery featuring a snapshot of Choupette’s life[/a], including photos of Karl’s cat eating her dinner, having a bath and sleeping. It would seem there’s no activity in this kitty’s day that’s too boring for a photo opportunity.

Mercy looks set to endure similar levels of celebrity. Not only has she been papped out in public with Kim, but Miss Kardashian has also posted pictures of her all over Twitter. It makes you wonder whether Kim’s latest accessory – a gift from boyfriend Kanye West – is in fact part of her master plan to conquer the fashion industry. Who better to emulate than the king of the catwalk himself, Karl Lagerfeld.


It's no surprise that Kim's cat is a shoe fiend. Choupette is perhaps a little more cultured.

Using technology

Choupette has her own iPad, where as Mercy is struggling to get to grips with the iPhone 5.

Playing with children

Neither cats look particularly please at being squeezed by small children, but they're coping admirably. We know Mercy's little friend is Kim's nephew Mason, but both kids look scarily similar!

Fitting into small spaces

It's a skill!


Kim missed Mercy so much on a recent trip abroad she took a framed photo of her kitty with her. Choupette always comes along for the ride - even trying to fly the plane.

Sleepy time

Equally adorable.


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