What's Your Front Row Etiquette? Olivia Palermo, Kelly Osbourne & Poppy Delevigne Reveal Their Dos & Don'ts: VIDEO

25 September 2012 by

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We've seen Pixie Geldof sitting on her mate's lap, Kate Moss [a href="/fashion/archive/2012/09/18/frow-power-did-mulberry-have-the-best-front-row-of-london-fashion-week.htm">giggling[/a] with fashion friend Alexa Chung and [a target="_blank" href="/fashion/archive/2012/09/18/harry-styles--dita-von-teese--victoria-pendleton-and-olivia-palermo-among-the-st.htm">Harry Styles smirking[/a] every time rumoured-lady-friend Cara Delevingne strutted past.

With [a target="_blank" href="/tag/FWfrow">so many stars gracing VIP seats[/a] at the hottest shows this month, we can't help but wonder: is there such a thing as front row etiquette? And if so, what are the rules that the pro FROW-ers stick to?

From Julia Restoin Roitfeld keeping her legs together and Tallulah Harlech avoiding structured shoulders to Olivia Palermo's ultimate FROW pas, we grilled the stars on their protocol when gracing the front rows of Fashion Week...

Olivia Palermo

'I always think that obviously you shouldn’t be on your cell phone during the show – unless you're taking a picture. Emails can wait seven minutes!'

Pixie Lott

'I always think it’s good etiquette to wear the designer’s dress.'

Alison Mosshart

'I'm either learning from the show or talking to people who are sitting next to me. I don't think too much about it.'

Sunday Girl

'If you’re not really feeling it, just pretend that you are. But it’s really hard not to love it.'

Dree Hemingway

'I'm still learning so I spend some of the show trying to take notes from everyone else! Everyone's so prim and proper so I worry I'm getting it all wrong.'

Portia Freeman

'Remember to be ladylike and keep your legs closed. If you’re in a crowd, make sure you keep your eye on your seat and if you know you’re meant to be sitting somewhere, politely ask the person on your seat to get up. Never sit on a seat without your name on it.'

Jodie Harsh

'Instagram, Instagram, Instagram! Oh my God, I was at a show yesterday and I didn’t have any wifi or 3G – I was freaking out! I’m all about sharing across social media.'

Pixie Geldof

'I do everything wrong! Everything you shouldn't do, I do. I shout at the models when I know them; I'm like, "oi, Eliza!". And I'm always sitting on people's laps. Everyone else has that really serious and intense look when they're watching a show, whereas I'm just giggling with my tongue out in every photo.'

Anna Friel

'I don’t go to very many shows, so all I know is to keep your legs together because my dress is rather short!'

Kate Moss

'I don’t have any, I always get it wrong!'

Tallulah Harlech

'Never wear structured shoulders or origami skirts. If you’re trying to get your mates onto the front row, you can do the one sit forward, one sit back tactic so you can all get your bums in at the same time.'

Alice Eve

'Usually people look better when they don’t smile, but that’s a tragic thing. But I think [the rule is] not smiling so take a note from Posh Spice.'

Julia Restoin Roitfeld

'Don’t chew gum and keep your legs crossed.'

Kelly Osbourne

'It’s my job to have my phone out and take pictures. I think it’s rude to wear sunglasses unless the designer has specifically instructed you to, as I did at the Henry Holland show.'

Poppy Delevigne

'There shouldn't be any rules. You should just enjoy the show for what it is and take it all in. Shows are such a sensory overload, so I like to get lost in the whole thing and let the experience sweep over me.'


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