Choupette's Diary Continues! Inside Karl Lagerfeld & His Cool Cat's Cocktail Hour

20 September 2012 by

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In Grazia's [a href="/LatestIssue/archive/2012/09/18/in-this-weeks-issue--victoria-beckhams-secret-fashion-week-photos-plus-karl-lage.htm">Big Fashion Issue[/a], the legendary Karl Lagerfeld throws open his personal photo archive to bring us never-before-seen shots of his beloved cat, [a target="_blank" href="/tag/Choupette">Choupette[/a]. So we've already been treated to snaps of her [a href="/fashion/archive/2012/09/18/karl-lagerfeld-choupette.htm">doing the housework [/a](quelle horreur!) and running havoc in Karl's private jet, but today it's time to see what Little Choup does for cocktail hour. Isn't she just the coolest kitty?


I know Karl is proud of me. He is so sweet when he tells his friends how special I am. He thinks I have quite extraordinary powers. Which of course I do. I am a champion climber. I can make it to the top of one of Karl’s enormous stacks of books in one leap without marking a single dust jacket.


There are also plenty of places for a sneaky cat nap…


When I’m refreshed it’s time for a game Karl calls, ‘ iPad’. He has dozens of these and spends a lot of time chasing things across the screen. I have talented paws for the iPad. I am told there is a mouse involved, but believe me, I can sniff one of those critters out in the next street and I have never had the slightest whiff of one on these.


I always start to get hungry at about 6pm. I am working on a plan to find my way into the fridge without Francoise, Marie or Karl knowing. It’s tough. But I am getting there.


Cocktails! Karl doesn’t drink of course and neither do I but I do love the potential there is in the champagne hour for lounging and reclining and generally being decorative and adorable when the light is low and the Diptyque candles are on and everyone is relaxing after a busy day. Cats are particularly sociable when there is an audience around to admire them. I do love it when Karl has people over.


Dinner! Karl and I eat together. He is extremely disciplined about his diet and, honestly, sometimes I think he could do with a bit of spoiling. Surely a man they call Kaiser should live on cake. I myself am partial to pate, especially if it’s served off a plate I can see my reflection in. I have tried to tell Karl… much harm can a little chopped liver and double cream do? But he won’t listen to me and persists with that penance of Coke Zero and vegetables. Yuk!


Ready for bed. Lace sheets and cashmere blankets and a decent hard back copy of Herman Hesse or something equally weighty to sharpen my claws on….bliss!


I know I am a lucky kitty. But I am also worth my weight in Shu Uemura eyeshadow! Inspiration, advice and entertainment all wrapped up in such an adorably fluffy white package. You should all be so lucky. A prochain!!!   


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