FROW & Tell: Pixie Lott, Florence Brudenell Bruce & Sunday Girl Talk Fashion Week Secrets

20 September 2012 by


Oh, it really can be a bore when you're sitting on the front row at fashion week, scrolling through Twitter as you wait for the show to start. To kill time, Grazia Daily's taken to a fun game called FROW & Tell (see what we did there?) which involves, well, chatting to celebs on the front row. So while we've grilled the adorable [a href="/fashion/archive/2012/09/16/elle-fanning-on-channelling-alexa-chungs-school-girl-chic-at-topshop-unique--exc.htm"> Elle Fanning on her school girl style [/a]and [a target="_blank" title="Alexa Chung Nave Blue Jumpers" href="/fashion/archive/2012/09/15/alexa-chung-at-house-of-holland.htm">Alexa Chung on her navy jumper addiction,[/a] Pixie Lott has told us how much she'd love to design her own line (and may we suggest that your super-stylish boyf Oliver Cheshire do one too?), Alice Eve talks British style and Sunday Girl reveals her worst fashion faux-pas...

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Alice Eve at Burberry

Hello! We're from Grazia...
I love Grazia! I think you should get it in New York. And LA!
We agree! Are you living in America now?
Yeah I live in LA.
Aside from Grazia, what do you miss most about the UK?
Everything, my friends, my family… The only thing not to miss is the weather.
How is British style different to American style?
I think it’s more inventive, British style. I think that women here are a little braver, and they show their personalities through their clothes a bit more. There’s a lot more uniformity in America. And Paris.
And have you had any fashion faux-pas?
I’ve had loads, I’m sure I’ve had loads! I remember once when I moved schools – I lived here and then I went to America – and I guess here we were more innocent and – I was like nine – and I wore this Mickey Mouse outfit, like a tracksuit. And I think it took three months for anyone in this school in America to speak to me again, after they’d seen me in this Mickey Mouse outfit. So that was the last of that.
Well, Mickey Mouse is in right now...
It’s cool here, it’s not cool there!

Pixie Lott at Moschino Cheap & Chic

What do you keep in your bag for fashion week?
I brought a little notepad and pen.

Have you been making any notes?
I have actually. I’m planning to write it up afterwards in a blog. I like writing and I know it looks really pathetic but it’s the stuff that I like. Really I’m just doing it for fun.

Would you use these notes to design your own range?
I’d love to because I love fashion. It would be a dream.

What kind of thing could we expect from a Pixie Lott collection?
If I was doing it completely by myself, if it wasn’t a collaboration, just me, I would do stuff that I like to wear. That’s why I like Moschino because I feel like it’s classy and elegant but it’s very quirky, so I’d probably do something similar to that.

Florence Brudenell Bruce at Burberry

What’s your essential for fashion week?
Probably my diary and LypSyl!

What’s your front row etiquette? Is there anything that you should or shouldn’t do when you’re watching a show?
No, I think – just do what you like!

You look very comfy wearing your flats!
I’m afraid I couldn’t quite face wearing a pair of heels this week. I had quite a big weekend so it's certainly a case where comfort is key on a Monday.

And in terms of food, is there anything that keeps you going?
Nuts and bolts are always the key – so yeah, seeds.

Sunday Girl at Matthew Williamson

How do you survive fashion week?
I’m only doing a few [shows] this season: Moschino, Zoë Jordan, Kinder, Mulberry and Burberry.

Who are your favourite fashion pals to hang out with?
Zara Martin and I have got a club night together, so we’re always out and about. She’s really good to be like, “Shall I wear this? Shall I not?” and she comes to most stuff with me.

What are your rules for sitting on the front row?
I don’t really think there are any rules. I really love being here and I’m really interested in it. If you’re not feeling it, just try and pretend that you are! But it’s really hard not to love it.

Have you ever had a fashion faux pas?
I’ve had so many fashion frights. I think when you’re young and you’re trying to work out what your style is... I mean, I’ve got some horrendous memories of bootleg cord flares and really bad stuff like that.


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