Karl Lagerfeld Reveals Choupette's Diary: 'I've Been Inundated With Modelling Offers'

19 September 2012 by

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In Grazia's Big Fashion Issue (out now!) the legendary Karl Lagerfeld gives us exclusive access inside the very pampered life of his beloved cat, [a target="_blank" href="/tag/Choupette">Choupette[/a]. Yesterday, we saw the cool kitty[a href="/fashion/archive/2012/09/18/karl-lagerfeld-choupette.htm"> giving her owner style advice [/a]and helping with the housework and today? Well, Karl's thrown open his iPhone archive to bring us snaps of what little Choup does between the hours of 9am and 2pm. Click through the gallery above for the cutest pics you ever did see...


Karl schedules visits to the vet for me every 10 days, just to make sure I am in tip top condition. I have a full regime of vitamins and supplements to keep my coat glossy.

You may think I am high maintenance, but I assure you, the attention is worth it. Even my fur balls are glossy.


Time to check the diary. Karl, as you know, never stops.  I sometimes worry that he never has time to himself. Cats understand, better than any other creature, the importance of looking after yourself. 

I am working on training Karl to chill. I try to lead by example. But it’s tough, I have been inundated with offers to be the ‘face’ of everything from cat food to movies, video clips. Karl and I discuss every offer although I am not sure why as he says no to all of them….


When Karl is travelling (which is a lot), I generally go too, I stay with the pilot in the cockpit. He travels by private plane so we are not hassled by those awful security lines. I would not tolerate a search: the security screening gives my fur terrible static! I look like a pom pom by the time they are through with me!

I have free run of the plane when we get on board but Karl insists I travel to the plane in a Goyard bag which I hate. I do think humans underestimate the feline intelligence. And I do hate to be rushed.


Karl makes time for all his friends. Karl’s godson might pop by. How I HATE that boy! I call him “la Terreur” but he is very cute and nearly as beautiful as I am. Then I have to exercise every fibre of my feline restraint because children have absolutely NO RESPECT for elegance. He treats me like a toy, which tests my patience to the limit.


I much prefer it if someone blonde pops by. That Laeticia Casta or Diane Kruger are rather wonderful and I purr extra loudly for Joshua Jackson if he comes with her.


You can set your clock by my mealtimes. I NEVER skip lunch. A little light fish is ideal. My favourite was the medley of prawns that Karl asked Francoise and Marie to make for my birthday. It almost looked too good to eat, but I managed!


Karl can’t work ALL the time. If he needs a break he likes to go shopping. He might pop out to Collette to see what new gadgets they have got. Or he’ll spend hours in bookshops such as Galigani on Rue De Rivoli. Frankly I am not fussed what he buys as long as he brings it home in a big bag. There are hours of fun in a quality carrier bag.


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