Karl Lagerfeld Gives Grazia Access To The Pampered Life Of Choupette: EXCLUSIVE

18 September 2012 by

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She's the world's coolest kitty, doted on by her owner Karl Lagerfeld; a cat with nine lives, two maids, one personal jet and a penchant for pate. And now, exclusively for [a href="/LatestIssue/archive/2012/09/18/in-this-weeks-issue--victoria-beckhams-secret-fashion-week-photos-plus-karl-lage.htm">Grazia's Big Fashion Issue[/a], Karl throws open his personal iPhone archives and imagines her day. Stay tuned to Grazia Daily as each day this week, we will be bringing you Choupette's diary - beginning today with her morning routine...


We are early risers, Karl and I. As soon as the sun is up, we are up and very busy.  I have my stretching exercises to do. And almost as soon as Karl is awake, he is drawing.


There is a pad of drawing paper near the bed and a huge box of Shu Uemura eyeshadow palettes. He prefers to draw with those over anything else. He says the colours are amazing.


I am often called upon to give Karl advice about what to wear. I saunter through the dressing room and give my considered opinion.


He thinks my white hair doesn’t look so good on his black jackets but frankly I can’t see what the fuss is about. He’d have something to complain about if I was a ginger Tom.


I also have strong opinions about cologne. Frankly I think Karl could be more adventurous with his choice but then I guess humans are not blessed with a feline sense of smell.


Breakfast is some choice cuts of croquettes and pate en sauce. It is prepared by one of the two marvellous ladies who help Karl around the house. They are called Françoise and Marjorie and we are very close.


Many felines have a difficult time training their humans to understand their particular needs. I have found the opposite, I would recommend to any pet who would like to be pampered to find a home with a fashion icon.


Because they are such dears, I do try to take time out of my busy schedule to help Francoise and Marie with some housework.


I like dusting. I love sweeping. But I won’t get my paws wet. I have been known to get busy with the dustbin on collection day. The less said about that the better, probably.


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XD Le (Tue Sep 18 20:20:07 BST 2012): Bon nuit K et Choupette -Kissa et Sunni X :)
Cindy Garfias (Tue Sep 18 21:57:47 BST 2012): Love this! :-D
Michelle Marceleno Tucker (Tue Sep 18 22:28:19 BST 2012): Mr. lagerfeld has always been such a private person. It seems as though Choupette has softened his heart... He has become very generous opening up about his life and art as never before. We love seeing behind the scenes and his life with Princess Choupette! God Bless you Mr. Lagerfeld.
Fiona Carroll (Tue Sep 18 23:27:48 BST 2012): Oh Choupette...Watch out for Mr. Lagerfelds black clothes please.
Cheryl Marie Tay (Wed Sep 19 03:12:52 BST 2012): Hey, I thought Choupette only eats at the table!
Cathi Manuel Khamchathal (Wed Sep 19 03:54:17 BST 2012): Most stylish man in the world & she's his little boss.
إيمان الهاجري (Wed Sep 19 04:01:24 BST 2012): god bless u Mr. Karl Lagerfeld