Holly Fulton On Her London Fashion Week Highs And Her Secret Saxaphone Playing Past!

15 September 2012 by

Designer Insider: Holly Fulton

Hello Holly Fulton! It’s the Scottish designer’s big day today with her show on the LFW scheduled for 2pm, but we caught up with her before the real craziness kicked off to talk shopping, style icons and the importance of her Mum’s bakery skills…

Grazia Daily: How is your spring/summer’12 collection going? Are you almost finished?

Holly Fulton: SS13 is one of my favourites thus far, it’s a complex collection in terms of cuts and layers but the surface treatment has taken a lot of work and I can’t wait to look back on it and see how it all hangs together. I’ll be finished at approx 1.59pm on Saturday!

Grazia Daily: What do you love about LFW?

Holly Fulton: The moment just before the show when you see the collection together for the first and only time, its an amazing feeling to think you have actually made it there and the whole team can sit back and reflect on it. I love catching up on what everyone else has been doing after the show too-usually from my bed!

Grazia Daily: What’s the scariest thing for you each season?

Holly Fulton: Paying for it!

Grazia Daily: How did you originally get into fashion?

Holly Fulton: I was going to be a vet then realised I’d made a mistake when I was about 16, changed direction  and here I am…

Grazia Daily: Is there one thing that people would be surprised to know about you?

Holly Fulton: I used to play the saxophone.

Holly's favourite: the Memphis dress from S/S'12

Grazia Daily: Is there one piece from your own collections that you wear time and time again?

Holly Fulton: My SS12 Memphis dress, it feels gorgeous as it is printed heavy silk and the print is one of my favourites, I loved drawing it and it still epitomises that season for me.

Grazia Daily: Who are you designing for? Who is the Holly Fulton girl?

Holly Fulton: I always design from what I love, I think it’s fundamental that what you are doing comes from the heart and you would want to wear it yourself. It’s always a joy to see anyone wearing your stuff, I don’t have a specific type of person I’d like to see in it, I enjoy the surprises of people picking it themselves and how they put it together more than anything.

Grazia Daily: Who would be the ultimate woman to dress?

Holly Fulton: I love Angelica Houston, she has true charisma and I’d like to see her in my stuff.

Grazia Daily: What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

Holly Fulton: Each show is a highlight for me, I’m very lucky to be in the position where I have had so much support and been able to evolve my label and I never forget that.

Grazia Daily: What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt about the industry?

Holly Fulton: Treat others as you would wish to treated yourself.

Grazia Daily: Life without print… is it even imaginable?

Holly Fulton: I’m sure I’d survive but it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.

Grazia Daily: Are there any trends/fads that you’ve worn and regretted or anything you would never want to design?

Holly Fulton: I’m not big on hankerchief hems and asymmetric necklines but never say never…

Grazia Daily: How do you shop?

Holly Fulton: Rarely but I do chuck in a few extras for myself at the end of each season when we put in the production. When I do I like to take my time and make a day of it; if I’m going to shops, I want to see EVERYTHING!

Grazia Daily: What would we find most of in your wardrobe?

Holly Fulton: Garish prints transcending the cusp of taste and some hot vintage.

Grazia Daily: What is keeping your studio alive pre-LFW?

Holly Fulton: San Pellegrino, my mums home baking and Frank Ocean.

Grazia Daily: What’s next for the label?

Holly Fulton: Big things hopefully, and at least 24 hours in bed after the show!

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