Alison Mosshart At London Fashion Week: 'I'm Getting Closer To Designing My Own Line'

14 September 2012 by

Alison Mosshart may be one of the coolest people we've ever seen. Sitting on the front row at the Sass & Bide show during London Fashion Week today, Grazia Daily was mesmirised by her Mad Hatter-style headgear a-top lashings of fiery hair, glitzy kaftan-style cardigan over layers of beads and those model-like legs in black skinny jeans and stompy ankle boots. Basically, The Kills songstress is the epitome of grungey chic. We grilled her on that covetable style, front row etiquette and the possibility of designing her own line...

Alison Mosshart At London Fashion Week: 'I'm Getting Closer To Designing My Own Line'

Alison Mosshart and Poppy Delevigne

Grazia Daily: Hello! You looked great in the Eddie Borgo campaign recently. How did that come about?
Alison Mosshart: I really love Eddie and I love his jewellery and I was super honoured to be a part of it. When things like that come up, I know I'm going to have a good time doing it so I do it. When it's things I don't like, it's like hell on earth so I don't.

Grazia Daily: Will we see you doing more modelling?
Alison Mosshart: It's never been one of my life goals. It depends on who it is.

Grazia Daily: Would you consider designing yourself?
Alison Mosshart: I'm getting a little bit closer to doing that. You start to get sick of waiting for people to design what you want so yeah, maybe. We'll see...

Grazia Daily: You already have a signature style that a lot of people want to emulate...
Alison Mosshart: That's hilarious to me. I love it [giggles] It's very sweet of everyone!

Grazia Daily: So could we expect a rock 'n' roll collection?
Alison Mosshart: I don't even know what that term means. I really don't know. I would just have to get into that mind space and start dreaming of exactly what I want. I don't know if I'd be good at it because I don't care what other people want or I don't know what they would want. I'm really not paying attention to what's going on. I just know what I like and that's what I'd go on.

Alison Mosshart At London Fashion Week Alison Mosshart At London Fashion Week

Alison Mosshart for Eddie Borgo

Grazia Daily: Your hair is also very coveted...
Alison Mosshart: My hair?

Grazia Daily: Yep, we love the look you're going for now.
Alison Mosshart: I'm not really going for one intentionally. About a year ago, I bleached about four inches from the roots then dyed it pink and it grew out and this is where we are. I haven't done anything else to it. So now it's turned into that dip-dye thing, which I never started with. It's actually dip-dye backwards. I don't even know what colour it is any more, it's like four different colours! I fear if I do anything else to it, it won't look very good. I'll just let it grow out.

Grazia Daily: Being watched on the front row must be weird. Is there a front row etiquette?
Alison Mosshart: I have no idea. I'm either learning from the show or talking to people who are sitting next to me. I don't think too much about it.

Grazia Daily: So what were you talking to Poppy Delevigne about?
Alison Mosshart: What we wanted for dinner and how she's been because I haven't seen her in a while. Just normal stuff.

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