The PR Who Got Slapped At The Zac Posen Show Is Suing For $1 Million! YIKES

13 September 2012 by

Jalouse editor Jennifer Eymere is being sued for slapping a fashion PR. Eep.

We’ve seen our fair share of hissy fits at fashion weeks, but never before has such an extreme FROW-down spiralled so wildly out of control as SlapGate of New York Fashion Week. Here’s the story if you haven’t caught it so far...

At Zac Posen’s show on the Sunday of New York Fashion Week, there was a logistical seating nightmare. Fire marshals stormed in just before the show, demanding that 60 seats should be removed. Now as you know, seating fashion eds and celebrities at an event is hard enough at the best of times (no doubt you’ve heard of the elbow-jabbing and seat grabbing), so this is major meltdown territory.

Most reasonable, rational FROW-goers would probably understand, hang back or just take whatever spot they can. But what happened was this: PR girl Lynn Tesoro was trying to find a group of four – headed by Jalouse magazine editor Jennifer Eymere and including her mother – some free seats. Now, we can’t speculate on the conversation that took place during this process, but it quite shockingly resulted in Jennifer slapping, yes, slapping, Tesoro and quipping a snappy “Don’t f*ck with the French” to round things off.

Naomi Campbell and Coco Rocha walked for Zac Posen

The aftermath saw Jennifer defending and apologising for her actions to WWD, claiming that Lynn has spoken out of turn to her mother and that, “It was a small slap. It was not strong. I didn’t hurt her, it was just to humiliate her. She humiliated my mom, and I humiliated her in front of her crew. Voilà.”

But Lynn obviously hasn’t been swayed by the minor degree of slap-age, because the NY Daily News reports today that the PR will be suing Eymere for a hefty $1 million, claiming “assault, battery, emotional distress, slander and/or libel.”

Physically slapped or slapped with a lawsuit? We’re not quite sure what’s worse… But we do know that you don’t f*ck with an American fashion PR either.


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Sofia Mogliazzi (Thu Sep 13 18:22:58 BST 2012): Welcome to a world where the only thing plus size is ego and the sense of unrealistic self entitlement is worn like the overpriced outfits. Welcome to Mercedes Benz Fashion week. Where not being seated in the front row of a show , that last about ten minutes, means going all French bulldog ghetto on a bitch. Where has this perception of importance in the fashion industry come from? And since when did we get the preposterous idea that any amount of money or title gives us permission to behave like spoiled school yard children? Society has instilled the false illusion that once at the top we are somehow superior and therefore pardoned of all offenses…but is it an illusion or is that a reality we have created and accepted?
Emma Jean Mainoo (Fri Sep 14 10:30:05 BST 2012): The lows of planning Front Rows.
Vicky Skelton (Fri Sep 14 14:08:18 BST 2012): wow, life on the FROW eh?!