Fashion Blogger Of The Week: Daniela Morosini of Couture & Crumpets On Making Friends With Fellow Bloggers

11 September 2012 by

English student Daniela Morosini writes about all things fashion, beauty and style related on her personal style blog, Couture & Crumpets. Managing to cram in posting and freelancing alongside studying for a BA, she's one very busy bee. Luckily the bloogger still has time to ponder the finer things in life (like mini éclairs) for our pleasure. Read the Q&A to find out more...

How long have you been blogging?

Just over two years now!

What made you decide to start your blog?

Being a very bored teenager in a very boring town, and desperate to do anything that might help me escape it.  

What’s been your highlight so far?

I don't know if this is a highlight, but having a giant photo of myself and a blogger friend projected onto the National Theatre certainly wasn't an average Tuesday.

Are there any particular perks of blogging?

I feel really lucky to have met all the people I have; some of my best friends and closest confidantes now are fellow bloggers. We're all from such different places and walks of life, and we'd never have met otherwise.

Have you been to London Fashion Week?

You betcha! I freelance as a journalist though, so it's not so much a blog-centric experience for me.

Blog brag time: why should people read your blog?

Because I think it's funny (though I definitely have a "Dad" sense of humour), it's got a lot of variety and will hopefully help you discover new brands, places to eat and beauty products to try. I don't take myself very seriously, but I'm serious about finding the best, most stylish and fun things to show to my readers

What advice do you have for anyone starting a blog?

An internet connection helps, and in time, a camera. The biggest resource you'll ever have will always be the people around you, so make time for everyone and pay attention to people.

Which other fashion blogs do you love?

I love The Style Crusader, It's Cohen, Diamond Canopy and I Am Abimarvel. Also, the ladies behind those blogs are some of the loveliest you could hope to meet.


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